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Five Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines Microsoft’s ERP and CRM products, affording businesses an integrated productivity suite that takes advantage of the latest advances in machine learning and cloud streaming. With a modular pricing structure, it also saves organisations and individuals from sacrificing service quality in favour of budgets. But this is only the tip of the … Continued

How Microsoft Dynamics Powered the Election

With the presidential election process now over, the US is starting to heal and move forward. Unsurprisingly, technology played a large part in this election cycle, with reports that Facebook’s advertised news posts might have had an impact on the election result, amongst other things! It’s also clear that CRM, ERP and other cloud productivity … Continued

Marketeers Rejoice: Dynamics CRM to Integrate with Campaign Monitor

Dynamics CRM has a long, fruitful history of integration with email technologies such as MailChimp. However, it was only recently that Microsoft Dynamics took its first steps towards a full integrated solution for Campaign Monitor – another preferred email marketing solution for marketers. Introducing Campaign Monitor for Microsoft Dynamics Having just announced the new partnership … Continued

Dutch Government Successfully Converts to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

To help improve their recruitment and career management of senior civil servants, the Dutch government has replaced their existing CRM solution with Dynamics CRM after understanding that their old system was incapable of integrating the new features they would require. The project took six months to fully implement, but Dynamics CRM is now running all … Continued

HP Ditches Salesforce for Dynamics CRM

In a move seen as significant for those with any level of knowledge of the CRM industry, HP Inc. has dealt a blow to CRM giant Salesforce by choosing Microsoft Dynamics as its cloud solution for sales functionality. The details While the financial details are non-existent (currently privately held by both Microsoft and HP), a … Continued

What Makes The AXUG Summit 16 Worth Travelling for?

This year’s premier user-led educational event for Dynamics AX professionals, AXUG 16, will be held in Tampa, Florida on October 11-14th. There are plenty of other AX-focussed conferences and user events throughout the calendar, so what makes the AXUG Summit worth travelling for? 1. Networking with experts According to AXUG Summit board member Paul Martin, … Continued

2020 and the Explosion of the Internet of Things

We all know that the future of the web is, as Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella says, ‘anywhere, anytime’. One of the big concept ideas helping to realise this is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has been dubbed “the next Industrial Revolution” by some people because of the way it will change the way people … Continued