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Dutch Government Successfully Converts to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

12 October 2016
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To help improve their recruitment and career management of senior civil servants, the Dutch government has replaced their existing CRM solution with Dynamics CRM after understanding that their old system was incapable of integrating the new features they would require. The project took six months to fully implement, but Dynamics CRM is now running all recruitment operations and driving the acquisition of new talent in the government.

More functionality

According to  Bram de Klerck, director of the Office for the SCS, the previous system used by the Office for the Senior Civil Service (SCS) no longer met the government’s standards or requirements for recruiting, selecting and developing top management. “It was on its last legs and I often received complaints about its usability,” he said “We needed a new system with more functionality.” Microsoft Dynamics CRM met those requirements and so the Dutch government made the switch. Microsoft Partner CRMatch oversaw the transformation, using an off the shelf Dynamics CRM solution rather than a custom build for the implementation, helping to reduce speed and keep costs low – a necessary requirement of the Dutch government.

The logical choice

When asked what motivated them to select a Microsoft-based CRM, Irene van der Kraats, Office for the SCS application manager, said that a key factor was stability and reputability in the arena of productivity: “Everyone knows the thinking and logic of Microsoft,” she said. “This is evident from the workflow of this package and the familiar look of it. And because we run on Windows platforms at the Office for the SCS, the implementation is being well regulated, for now and in the future.” With Microsoft’s announcement, and soon to be rolled out Dynamics 365, it is clear that the corporation’s mission objective of offering transformation of productivity in the workplace is being taken seriously. Microsoft’s Partners are offering practical solutions to those across a number of different key industries, exceeding expectations and winning new business from Microsoft’s key rivals, as we reported last week with the news that HP has partnered with Microsoft. Dynamics CRM’s market share is currently sat at around 4%, but not for long. If you are looking for employment in this exciting burgeoning industry in the UK, US, Canada or Europe, call us on 01483 233 000 or contact us here.

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