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The Digital Transformation Is Here

Last week we spoke about how excited we were for Microsoft Envision, the company’s premier Dynamics-focussed event, held – historically – on 4th-6th April under the name ‘Convergence’. Now, the event is winding to a close and the big message of the event is clear: digital transformation is happening right now and it’s happening everywhere. … Continued

New Dynamics CRM Features on the Way

Good news sales directors and retail managers! Microsoft have announced a host of new features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. CRM 2016 was released online at the start of December last year. But it has since emerged that users can now expect a raft of new tools to use as the new year goes on. … Continued

Dynamics CRM and Salesforce: The Battle for CRM Crown

There has been some really big Microsoft Dynamics news recently. First, we all witnessed the shocking news that Microsoft’s Corporate VP has stepped down at Microsoft and is heading over to Microsoft’s largest competitors, Salesforce, as their Chief Analytics Officer. It’s a unique time for Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. Second, Microsoft is making clear that they … Continued

Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Video Tips & Tutorials

When working Microsoft Dynamics jobs, it’s always smart to keep on top of functionality, whether this means finding more efficient ways to cover the basics, or learning some advanced Microsoft Dynamics CRM Video Tips. That’s why we’ve sifted through hours of YouTube videos to bring you, the dynamics professional, the internet’s best Microsoft Dynamics CRM tutorials. … Continued

Where the Cloud and Dynamics CRM collide

If you’re in a Dynamics CRM job, one thing that should be at the forefront of your mind should be how Microsoft is bringing together its suite of Dynamics platforms with its cloud service, Azure. Here, we examine how Dynamics CRM, in particular, has emerged as a fully integrated platform, giving Dynamics developers limitless, unbounded … Continued

The best emerging sectors for Dynamics CRM jobs

If you’re looking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM jobs, it’s wise to have a working knowledge of the various sectors CRM plays a role in. At Conspicuous, we spend much of our time finding candidates their ideal CRM roles, along with finding end-users in a wide variety of verticals the perfect resource. As a Dynamics CRM … Continued

UK public sector puts citizens first with Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner Optevia has recently started working with two public sector companies in the UK, helping them to deliver an experience that focuses on the customer, and streamlines workflow. A faulty system The first of the two companies is the Supreme Court (UKSC). Paul Brigland, Head of IT Services and Departmental Records Officer … Continued