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The best emerging sectors for Dynamics CRM jobs

11 June 2015
Written by
Helayna Lowe
If you’re looking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM jobs, it’s wise to have a working knowledge of the various sectors CRM plays a role in. At Conspicuous, we spend much of our time finding candidates their ideal CRM roles, along with finding end-users in a wide variety of verticals the perfect resource. As a Dynamics CRM professional, here are just some of the emerging industries you may want to consider. Retail One of the most common new places that CRM is being implemented is the retail environment. Whether in the store environment or the online, virtual marketplace, end-users are looking for ways to connect with their customer, empower the employees, and streamline their operations. Dynamics CRM for retail enables this, with specialisation in store and order management, marketing and customer care, business intelligence, and back office capabilities. In other words, CRM retail offers an end-to-end solution across the entire business. Paul Hume, Development Manager at Marston’s Pubs uses Dynamics CRM in conjunction with Microsoft Social Listening – a social media monitoring and engagement plug-in to CRM – to help talk more directly with their customers: “The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Listening allows us to really personalise our communications to our customers.” He says. Marston’s can track customer issues in real-time on social media, evaluate brand sentiment and gain competitor intelligence, analyse their social media campaign’s overall impact. It has revolutionized their business. Crime fighting In the public sector, Dynamics CRM has been used for a number of different applications, from public justice to education, but more recently, it has been used by some police departments to help fight crime. For example, the Durham constabulary has been using Dynamics CRM alongside the cloud to help it improve the way it handles data to improve the safety of the local area. Having used Dynamics CRM the Durham constabulary has been awarded an “Outstanding” for their criminal investigations. According to Microsoft, Dynamics CRM ‘tracks records of engagements and actions, providing social insights and intelligence to investigators. Cases are being solved more quickly, even with fewer officers, thanks to this Crime and Intelligence management system.’ Healthcare Dynamics CRM has also been implemented in the world of healthcare to help improve the quality of care patients are receiving. Whether NHS or private, healthcare operators are implementing Dynamics CRM to ensure their care is both effective and efficient. It is helping to manage interactions with patients, to improve catering delivery times, and to help care providers work with partners to guarantee that the right sort of care is being delivered to the correct patient. One of the best success stories of Dynamics CRM for healthcare is Evolution Homecare, which manages the distribution of pharmaceuticals directly to patients on behalf of the NHS. After implementing Dynamics CRM, they saw a 200% increase in their productivity, simply by having better vision over their operations. Ultimately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM presents businesses across a range of verticals with increased visibility over their markets by finding ways to help improve the customer journey and increase productivity across the business’s operations. If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional and you’d like to find out about the opportunities available in your area of expertise, join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For the latest Dynamics roles, visit our site, or… Give us a call on +44(0)1483 233 000.

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