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New Dynamics CRM Features on the Way

26 January 2016
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Good news sales directors and retail managers! Microsoft have announced a host of new features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. CRM 2016 was released online at the start of December last year. But it has since emerged that users can now expect a raft of new tools to use as the new year goes on. Here’s what you CRM users have to look forward to. Mobile Marketing You know those annoying texts you get from people like O2, your local council and energy provider? Your company can now be one of them – as long as you use Dynamics CRM 2016. Dynamics CRM’s pricing and licensing strategist, Denis Ford, announced a new add-on license (i.e. yes, that means you have to pay extra) which will allow companies to add SMS text messaging to their other customer communication channels. You’ll now be able to send a text to customers from the same CRM product you use to send emails, arrange calls and send tweets. The product is called Mobile Marketing and, in a move harking back to pay-as-you-go SIMs, will be priced according to how many texts you send. FieldOne You may remember Microsoft acquiring FieldOne in summer of 2015. Well Dynamics CRM 2016 users are about to feel the benefits of that takeover as FieldOne becomes available for installation directly within Office 365. In case you missed it, FieldOne are a field service management solutions provider. In case that made you none the wiser, field service management is the management of a wide range of resources a business or organisation might use: anything from vans and tools, to the technicians themselves. Dynamics CRM 2016 users can now look forward to integration with FieldOne via a mobile app and cloud service. It looks set to be an invaluable tool for field service workers and managers using Dynamics CRM 2016. Helpful…ISH One of the biggest new features Dynamics CRM 2016 users will notice is the new Interactive Service Hub (ISH). This is a purpose built interface to help manage all customer service applications your company might use. The ISH will be available both online and on-premises. For more on what Dynamics CRM 2016 has in store, check out Microsoft’s Release Preview Guide. If you have strong Dynamics CRM skills and are looking for a new career opportunity, get in touch with our specialist consultants in the UK and the US on  +44(0)1483 233 000 and +1 646 878 6426 respectively or visit our Dynamics CRM Jobs page today.

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