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Why Work in Recruitment?

Whether you have a professional background in a completely different field or you’re fresh out of university, taking the leap into a recruitment career can be a rewarding challenge. So, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to give you a real insight into what working in recruitment involves, including revealing the harsh … Continued

What skills do you need for a career in Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a synchronized solution that can drive business and satisfy a variety of needs. Nevertheless, due to its scalability and high level of customization, it cannot be applied without support from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner who has in-house consultancy and development expertise in order to configure the system to your specific … Continued

Microsoft Dynamics trends we expect to see in 2022

Boasting an extensive collection of business software, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a set of connected applications and services designed to revolutionize the way customers, employees, and businesses function. With over 20 years’ experience of sourcing and delivering exceptional Dynamics talent, Conspicuous is positioned at … Continued

5 Reasons Why a Job in Dynamics Makes a Great Career Change

Whether you’re just exploring your options, or you’re dead set on finding a new revenue stream, you’re here for a reason. Perhaps you have reached the limit in your current career and feel there’s no potential for progression, or maybe you’re simply not fulfilled by your current role.  Either way, we want to assure you … Continued

Hybrid Working for Dynamics Partners in a Post Pandemic World

Since the Government’s Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, many workforces have continued to practice home working, either in full or partial (hybrid) measures across the working week.  Some argue this is for good reason, others are not so sure. We’ve been weighing up the benefits and have decided to practise our own style of hybrid … Continued

Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce: Which Is Better?

Needing a CRM tool usually means your business is on the right track; it’s flourishing and growing and you’re ready to implement a tool to tidy up your operations. A CRM can take your [if us_office]organization[/if] [if uk_office]organisation[/if] to the next level, but only if you choose the right fit for your business. It’s a … Continued

8 Great Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your Company

Released in 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is still relatively new, and it’s fair to say there has been a lot of buzz around it ever since. If you’re wondering whether it’s the right fit for your business, we’ve put together a simple explanation of the solution it provides and a handy list of 8 benefits … Continued

Handing In Your Resignation and Considering Counter Offers

Getting a new job is an exciting time, but feeling unsure about how to go about exiting your current role can put a negative spin on the whole process. Once you know how to properly hand in your resignation, you’ll feel a lot more confident about doing it. Additionally, expect to receive an expertly orchestrated … Continued

A Guide to Interviews for Dynamics NAV Candidates

The advice we give to all of our candidates is to make sure they have thoroughly prepared for their upcoming interview, and then prepared some more. We can’t stress enough how important it is to a potential employer that their interviewees have done the groundwork, and know their stuff.  Before attending a Dynamics NAV interview, … Continued

A Guide to a Greener Workplace

This year, lots of organisations and individuals have embraced a new way of working after COVID-19 has forced us all to reconsider how we carry out our daily work tasks.  For many, this has meant working from home, using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with colleagues, and generally relying more on digital services.  There are many … Continued