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5 Reasons Why a Job in Dynamics Makes a Great Career Change

26 October 2021
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Whether you’re just exploring your options, or you’re dead set on finding a new revenue stream, you’re here for a reason. Perhaps you have reached the limit in your current career and feel there’s no potential for progression, or maybe you’re simply not fulfilled by your current role. 

Either way, we want to assure you that there is a world of opportunities out there, especially if you’re prepared to explore the many avenues of Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics, in particular, is a sector with lots of prospects and benefits.

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

A collection of Microsoft's business software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Who should consider a role in Dynamics?

Not every Dynamics professional is a coder, in fact, there are a number of different roles in the sector. A variety of professionals can be involved with helping businesses choose the right Dynamics solution for them, or helping an organisation get the most out of their current Dynamics software. 

By switching to Dynamics, you will be in a position to pick from a large pool of career paths. You might want to specialise in selling Microsoft Dynamics solutions as a business development professional, or become a project manager, a business analyst or even a Dynamics practise lead.

The kind of roles that may be applicable to re-training in Dynamics are:

  • Consultant specialised in another ERP or CRM system 
  • IT project manager
  • Sales professional specialised in IT solutions
  • Accountant or finance consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • IT support consultant or IT system administrator
  • Developer, programmer or technical consultant specialised in other Microsoft technologies

And plenty of others.

Working in the Dynamics sector can entail a multitude of activities, such as:

  •  Assisting businesses in selecting the right solution for their needs,
  • Gathering requirements and designing a solution that meets those needs,
  • Customising Dynamics applications to meet customers’ requirements, 
  • Training employees on how to use the product,
  • Providing support and troubleshooting services,
  • Training and mentoring other Dynamics professionals.

5 Benefits of changing to a Dynamics career

  1. Learn skills and abilities that are in high demand

The skills you will learn from a career in Dynamics are in extremely high demand and will set you up for success. As a skilled Dynamics professional you will be very attractive to employers, and be part of a sector with high earning potential.

  1. Get the first look at the most recent advancements in software developments

Microsoft invests a lot in improving the performance of their Dynamics solutions. This means, by working with Dynamics products, you will be exposed to lots of new technologies. A recent example is AI research which has been integrated into their products.

  1. Work with an established, promising technology

Microsoft Dynamics technologies are well-established leaders in the technology industry. Cross-training to this sector means you will be investing your time and efforts wisely, into software products with a bright future.

  1. Join an excellent professional community

The Dynamics community is a large collective of professionals with a shared passion for Microsoft technologies. 

  1. Start building a rewarding and fulfilling career

A career in Dynamics will provide you with a host of opportunities, roles and prospects to choose from. In this sector, you are able to work with all kinds of businesses from SMEs to world leaders. You will not be limiting yourself to a narrow path, instead, benefitting from the flexibility to select the skills and knowledge you wish to develop. This is a rewarding career option with constant opportunities to learn and flourish, with permanent and contract employment both being viable options.

Our team specialises in Dynamics recruitment, and we know the sector well. For advice, information and the chance to explore your options with a friendly, committed consultant, contact us today.


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