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Handing In Your Resignation and Considering Counter Offers

23 July 2021
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Getting a new job is an exciting time, but feeling unsure about how to go about exiting your current role can put a negative spin on the whole process. Once you know how to properly hand in your resignation, you’ll feel a lot more confident about doing it.

Additionally, expect to receive an expertly orchestrated counter offer to sway you to stay. Your employer has done this before, and they’ll know exactly what to say to entice you. Remember to take a moment to consider what accepting a counter offer means for your future at the company. 

We’ve put together this expert guide on resigning gracefully, and all counter offer considerations you need to make to ensure you’re happy with whatever decision you make.

In preparation…

Writing your resignation

In good time beforehand, make sure you’ve written your resignation. Be sure to draft two identical versions, one addressed to HR and the other addressed to your line manager, both ready for when you go to click send. 


  • Do make sure it is brief and to the point
  • Do state that ‘you are resigning from your position effective of the day/month/year’
  • Don’t include any negative comments about your current employer
  • Don’t explain why you are leaving the company

Points to consider…

Here are some words of advice that should clear up any questions you might have about your day of resignation.

  • You are under no obligation to share with your employer what your next role is or what the salary will be.
  • You must keep to your contract, if it says 6 months notice then you are required to be held to that.
  • You are entitled to receive payment and benefits (including holidays) during your period of notice. 

What to expect once you’ve handed your notice in…

Any resignation reflects badly on a line manager, so you can expect them to deploy a variety of tactics to persuade you to stay, such as:

  • Offering you more money/ a promotion
  • Suggesting changes to your role that might suit you better/ fit your desired career path
  • Trying to make you feel guilty about leaving your job
  • Pressuring you to stay/ flattering you into staying
  • Enlisting help from other senior staff to try and change your mind

Counteroffer considerations 

The tactics mentioned above are designed to make you change your mind, so it is natural for you to feel a little swayed by them. The fact is though, more than half of all employees who accept counter offers still end up leaving after six months. If you receive a counteroffer, and feel conflicted by it, consider these points:

  • Why are you worth more today than you were yesterday? If your employer is offering you more money now because you’re resigning, then perhaps they were underpaying you previously.
  • Regardless of what your employer tells you in their counter offer, you will no longer be considered as loyal as the rest of your team. If cutbacks have to be made, you’re likely to be at the top of their list for redundancies.  
  • Is threatening to resign the only way you can get a salary increase? If that’s the case, is that the kind of employer you want to work for?
  • Will your employer still give you a salary increase at your next annual review? Or is this your annual salary increase coming early?
  • The reasons you wanted to leave in the first place will most likely still be the case if you choose to stay.
  • Is a salary increase a valid reason for staying? Think about what your priorities are.  
  • Your employer’s opinion of you will change, and unfortunately they might even lose trust in you.


Regardless of your reasons for leaving, express gratitude to your employer before you leave, and refrain from making any negative comments that may come back to haunt you in the future. 

Here at Conspicuous, we have lots of expert advice about all things tech recruitment. If you’re thinking about leaving your current role, and want to discuss your options, consider your next move, or gain insight into the current Dynamics job market, contact us today.

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