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8 Great Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your Company

2 August 2021
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Released in 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is still relatively new, and it’s fair to say there has been a lot of buzz around it ever since. If you’re wondering whether it’s the right fit for your business, we’ve put together a simple explanation of the solution it provides and a handy list of 8 benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you can get a snapshot of the positives it could bring to your company.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution that offers everything you need for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) all in one place. It comprises a full suite of applications and tools for increasing productivity across every aspect of your business including sales, marketing, customer service, operations and more.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

1. All your applications and tools in one place

As we’ve already mentioned, the suite of applications is comprehensive and this means you don’t need to switch between different programmes.

2. Growth compatibility

As your business grows, the needs of your business will change. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can easily make tweaks to your solutions so that they fit your needs better, simply by adding new applications that work both on their own or together with other applications.

3. Better understanding of your customers

Understand your customers like never before by getting a complete picture of your customer data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides real-time updates based on pre-built KPI’s so you can easily measure and track the progress of your customer relationships and optimise personalisation.

4. Flexibility and cost effectiveness

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses a subscription model plus a monthly operational cost you will only pay for what you need.

5. Ease of use

You can easily find new apps to suit the needs of your business by searching on Microsoft's new App market, AppSource.

6. Scalability

Your business might need to scale up or down over certain key periods in the year, such as holidays, and since Microsoft Dynamics 365 runs via a monthly subscription you can do just that, paying for what you need only when you need it.

7. Increased employee productivity

Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines ERP, CRM, Office and additional features all into a single cloud-based solution, your employees can access both the insights they need to make the best decisions as well as the tools they need to get their work done. This optimises employee productivity and makes daily work life easier for everyone.

8. Security

This cloud based solution has robust security and access controls for applications and data built into the cloud. 

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive solution for streamlining all of your business activity, as well as reducing costs and it is simple to use and adapt for the needs of your growing business. If you'd like to learn more about Dynamics 365 and its benefits, contact one of our Dynamics recruitment experts today.

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