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Maximising Well-being and Productivity in the Hybrid Work Era

As hybrid work becomes the norm, understanding its implications on employee well-being is crucial for managers aiming to foster a supportive and productive work environment. The Slack survey of 9,000 workers showing a 72% preference for hybrid work underscores its popularity, but it’s the IWG study that provides compelling insights into the “why” behind this … Continued

Conspicuous Partners with The Power Platform School to Open Doors for Graduates

Conspicuous is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with The Power Platform School, a program committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. The Power Platform School, known for its unwavering commitment to these values, offers a comprehensive program designed to dismantle barriers and build bridges for aspiring tech professionals. This initiative is … Continued

UK Relocation Guide

Welcome to the expanded guide by Conspicuous, meticulously crafted to assist Dynamics 365 professionals in their smooth transition to both life and work in the UK. This guide delves into essential aspects such as healthcare, education, transportation, and much more, ensuring you are thoroughly informed and well-prepared for your new chapter. Healthcare The UK’s National … Continued

Navigating the IT Job Market Amid Economic Uncertainty

As we step into 2024, the IT job market presents a unique landscape shaped by a confluence of factors. Economic concerns persist, and the growth of IT jobs has flattened. However, this doesn’t mean opportunities are absent. In fact, certain sectors within the IT industry are experiencing growth, and hiring plans for the year remain … Continued

How to Become a Disability Confident Workplace

An estimated 14 million people in the UK and around 57 million in the US have either a hidden or visible disability, yet recent research shows that we are still not implementing enough support for those with a disability at work. A 2022 study by Samsung UK found that 43% of people with a disability … Continued

Interview Anxiety: Help Your Candidate Unlock Their Full Potential

Interview anxiety: something that can impact both the candidate and the interviewer.  There is a lot of pressure for both parties—candidates want to showcase their suitability for the company as best they can, and as the interviewer, you are responsible for guiding the whole process and subsequently deciding who is best for the company. It’s … Continued

How To Be an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplace

Workplace diversity is when employees have a wide range of characteristics and experiences that concern gender, age, race and sexual orientation—this, of course, includes the LGBTQ+ community. Organisations benefit from a variety of perspectives and skills but only when employees’ differences are accommodated for.  LGBTQ+ is a term to identify a collective of people whose … Continued

Common Symptoms of Work Anxiety and How to Reduce Them

There is evidence to suggest that work anxiety symptoms have increased in recent years, and it is not just because we are talking about it more. Many workers today are facing increased workloads, tight deadlines and high job demands, leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety. According to a report by the Health and … Continued