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UK Relocation Guide

31 January 2024
Written by
Helayna Lowe

Welcome to the expanded guide by Conspicuous, meticulously crafted to assist Dynamics 365 professionals in their smooth transition to both life and work in the UK. This guide delves into essential aspects such as healthcare, education, transportation, and much more, ensuring you are thoroughly informed and well-prepared for your new chapter.


The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) offers a wide range of healthcare services. Early registration with a General Practitioner (GP) is crucial for accessing many of these services.

Detailed Steps to Register:

  • Finding a GP: The NHS GP finder is an invaluable tool for locating a surgery near you. Consider also seeking recommendations from local community groups or forums for expats in the UK.
  • Registration Process: When registering, you’ll need to provide identification (passport or EU ID card), proof of address (utility bill or tenancy agreement), and your visa. Some practices may also require a UK contact number, so consider setting up a local SIM card in advance.

Additional Healthcare Services:

  • Dental Care: NHS dental services are separate from GP services. You can find a local NHS dentist here.
  • Emergency Services: Dial 999 for emergencies. For non-emergency medical advice, call 111 or visit


The UK's education system is diverse, offering various options to cater to the educational needs of your family.

Further Details on Education:

  • Public vs. Private Schools: Understand the differences between state schools, which are free and often based on your catchment area, and private schools, which offer different curriculums and have varying fees.
  • Specialized Education: For professionals interested in furthering their own education, especially in fields complementary to Dynamics 365, institutions like The Open University offer flexible distance learning programs.

Transportation and Driving

Getting around in the UK is generally efficient, thanks to a well-established public transportation system and straightforward driving regulations for those who prefer personal vehicles.

Extended Transportation:

  • Transport Apps: Apps like Citymapper and the National Rail Enquiries app can be invaluable for planning journeys across various modes of transport.
  • Car Ownership: If considering purchasing a car, familiarize yourself with the UK’s vehicle tax and mandatory car insurance. Websites like Auto Trader and can be useful for finding vehicles.


Securing suitable accommodation is pivotal for a comfortable transition. The UK’s property market can be competitive, especially in major cities.

In-depth Accommodation Guidance:

  • Viewing Properties: It’s advisable to view properties in person before making commitments. If you’re abroad, consider short-term rentals via Airbnb or upon arrival to allow time for viewings.
  • Understanding Bills: In addition to rent, be prepared for council tax, utility bills (gas, electricity, water), and possibly service charges if renting an apartment. Websites like MoneySuperMarket can help you compare utility providers.

National Insurance and Taxes

Your contributions to the National Insurance scheme are essential for accessing certain benefits and services in the UK. Understanding the tax system is also crucial for financial planning.

Comprehensive Financial Information:

  • Tax Returns: If you're self-employed or have complex financial circumstances, you may need to file a tax return. The Self Assessment section on the HMRC website provides detailed guidance.
  • Financial Advice: Consider consulting a financial advisor for personalized advice, especially if you have investments or financial interests outside the UK. The Personal Finance Society can help you find a qualified adviser.

Banking and Finances

A local bank account is indispensable for managing your finances, receiving your salary, and paying bills.

Extended Banking Advice:

  • Credit History: Building a credit history is important in the UK. Consider applying for a credit card and using it responsibly to pay bills or make small purchases.
  • International Transfers: For international money transfers, services like Wise (formerly TransferWise) and Revolut offer competitive rates and low fees.


Staying connected is crucial, both for personal and professional reasons. The UK offers a broad selection of service providers for mobile and broadband services.

Detailed Connectivity Tips:

  • SIM-Only Deals: If you already own a smartphone, SIM-only deals can offer good value. Check comparison sites like uSwitch to find the best offers.
  • Internet Providers: Broadband speeds and availability can vary significantly by area. Use Ofcom’s checker to research the best options for your address.

Documentation and Legal Requirements

Ensuring all your documents are in order is crucial for a hassle-free relocation.

Expanded Documentation Checklist:

  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP): If applicable, collect your BRP from a designated Post Office within 10 days of arriving in the UK.
  • Updating Your Address: Notify relevant parties (banks, DVLA, GP, etc.) of your new UK address promptly.

Salaries and Contract Negotiations

Understanding the Dynamics 365 job market and negotiating your employment contract effectively are key to securing a rewarding position.

Enhanced Salary and Negotiation Insights:

  • Contract Components: Beyond salary, consider other benefits such as pension contributions, healthcare, flexible working hours, and professional development opportunities.
  • Industry Networks: Engage with Dynamics 365 and tech industry networks in the UK. Joining groups like Dynamics User Group (DUG) can provide valuable insights and connections.


Your move to the UK as a Dynamics 365 professional marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. With the right preparation and resources, you can navigate this transition smoothly. Conspicuous is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. For tailored advice and further assistance, please reach out to our team.  

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