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Microsoft Dynamics “Corfu”: Popular and powerful

This week, Convergence 2015 is happening over in Atlanta. Monday’s keynote speech saw Satya Nadella and Kirill Tatarinov take to the stage to discuss the next stage in the push towards the “mobile-first, cloud-first” world. A large part of this will be the next iteration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, codenamed “Corfu”, which will be available … Continued

NAV 2015: The magic touch

With the fantastic news that Dynamics NAV 2015 (formerly codenamed “Crete”) will be optimised for touch devices, the community can’t wait to get their hands on it. Fantastic news for NAV workers everywhere.  Who said accounting isn’t exciting? From a technological perspective this is fantastic news as Dynamics NAV finally gets to showcase what it … Continued

Go social with Dynamics NAV and Office 365

Two of the big topics at WPC2014 were cloud and mobile.  And the place where I see these two things really converging are with Office 365, which will handily connect with Dynamics NAV.  Couple this to the fact that Dynamics NAV 2015 (which is just around the corner) will look even more like an extension … Continued

Microsoft: It’s Simple

It was nearly forty years ago that Microsoft’s “a computer on every desk in every home” vision statement appeared in print – and what a clean and simple statement it is.  It’s not always reported that it was followed by “running Microsoft software” (as you can hear in this Bill Gates interview here).    Since … Continued

Crossing the Channel

As Microsoft’s quest for world domination continues it has a problem which is also one of its greatest assets: its channel.  Historically to be a Microsoft NAV partner meant to enjoy a close reciprocal relationship with the local Navision (and later Microsoft) office – some partners even managed to hold on to the same account … Continued

Road to Repeatability

In its race to capture the SME market and take market share from Sage Line 50, Exchequer and Pegasus, Microsoft has been working hard to encourage the Dynamics NAV community to participate in a programme called ‘Road to Repeatability’ or ‘R2R’.   The proposed aim of Road to Repeatability is to take advantage of the … Continued

The Resurgence of Dynamics NAV

Last week I (Rob Wachman Director at Conspicuous) had an excellent meeting with Microsoft about Dynamics NAV.  I spoke about the past, present and the future.  The good news is that NAV is about to enter a period of resurgence. Microsoft has developed an excellent solution for the SME market, a solution that will compete … Continued

The most common mistakes we see with NAV implementations

NAV implementations range from just a few thousand pounds to millions and from one person companies to multinational corporations. Every company is different and so every implementation is different. The charm of Dynamics NAV is that it can be implemented straight from the box or it can be redeveloped to suit individual need. The versatility … Continued