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Microsoft Dynamics “Corfu”: Popular and powerful

18 March 2015
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This week, Convergence 2015 is happening over in Atlanta. Monday’s keynote speech saw Satya Nadella and Kirill Tatarinov take to the stage to discuss the next stage in the push towards the “mobile-first, cloud-first” world. A large part of this will be the next iteration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, codenamed "Corfu", which will be available later this year. If you’re a Dynamics professional, now is the time to take note of Microsoft Dynamics "Corfu"

An exploding platform

It may not match Microsoft Office’s one seventh of the world’s population, but Microsoft Dynamics NAV today has 110,000 users, compared with just 60,000 back in 2007. This demonstrates the burgeoning popularity of the SME ERP platform. If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics professional looking to enhance your CV, knowing all you can about this increasingly in-demand service may be valuable. So why is NAV so popular with end-users? Karine Gagner from FDMT, a Montreal-based firm making toys for special education, explains that her company use NAV in conjunction with Office365 and SharePoint, all of which interface through Azure: "Anywhere we are, we can have the information. It's always at the tip of my finger," she says. "One of the big surprises for me was the dashboard, all the information. It'd be easy, just a few clicks. And I'd have all my cells, all my reps' cells.”

Responsive to users’ needs

Another reason for the technology’s popularity is that it is very easy to make changes to the basic software. This means that Microsoft Dynamics professionals working at the end-user’s company – or the partner selling the software to the end-user – will be able to shift a customised version of NAV with little effort, and in minimal time. When you couple this flexibility with the fact that NAV’s GUI is extremely straightforward and well presented – and therefore easy for the end-user to get to grips with – it’s clear why NAV has become a success.

The perfect time to explore NAV

Now is the perfect time to start exploring Microsoft Dynamics NAV if you’re a Microsoft Dynamics partner. With Convergence happening right now, the sessions are bound to generate news about “Corfu”, and provide those looking to brush up on their NAV skills with ample opportunities. Similarly, with over half a year to wait for “Corfu”, there is still time to read how NAV operates, ensuring you’re fully equipped for a job interview. With the serge in NAV ownership, there are also likely to be more jobs available now than ever before in the Dynamics Industry, so if you’d like to see whether you’re a suitable Dynamics NAV candidate, contact us today.

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