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The Digital Transformation Is Here

Last week we spoke about how excited we were for Microsoft Envision, the company’s premier Dynamics-focussed event, held – historically – on 4th-6th April under the name ‘Convergence’. Now, the event is winding to a close and the big message of the event is clear: digital transformation is happening right now and it’s happening everywhere. … Continued

Five Dream Dynamics NAV Jobs on Conspicuous Right Now!

Dynamics NAV is going from strength to strength offering an excellent user experience and more importantly a return on investment. Dynamics NAV 2016 is a scalable ERP offering huge versatility too all business and industry which implements it. Quick! These great Dynamics NAV jobs are sure to get a lot of attention. Here are five … Continued

Why Start-ups Are Fuelling Microsoft Dynamics NAV Jobs

Regardless of the size and scope of an organisation, it’s likely that at some point or other, it will benefit from a sturdy, well-thought-out Enterprise Resource Planner, or ERP. For those of you with – or looking for – Microsoft Dynamics jobs in Dynamics NAV, you’ll know that Microsoft’s range of ERP solutions are not one-fits-all. … Continued

Dynamics NAV 2016 Set for Windows 10 Full Compatibility

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is set for Windows 10 full compatibility. In a recent post, we wrote about how Windows 10 would improve the world of Microsoft Dynamics professionals. We suggested that ditching Internet Explorer, implementing a universal app platform and perusing the mobile-first agenda will improve the workflow and abilities of those with Microsoft … Continued

Spotlighting NAV solutions

No end-user has the same requirements, and this means that the job of the partner is to discover those end-user needs, and to tailor an implementation of Dynamics NAV to them. If you’re looking to be an end-user of NAV solutions to improve your business, here is just a flavour of some of the solutions … Continued

What Dynamics NAV developers want from their dream jobs

When you’re a Microsoft Dynamics recruitment consultant, you spend a lot of your time looking at how you can solve business issues by sourcing great candidates, and we find candidates their ideal career opportunities. This is especially true in the world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV recruitment. The recent launch of NAV 2015 has seen a … Continued

Five video tutorials for developers working in Dynamics NAV

Expert technical knowledge is now more accessible than ever before, with online Microsoft Dynamics communities popping up to provide those in the industry with the best Microsoft Dynamics news, tips and opinions. Therefore, we’ve put together this list of some of the most sought-after technical help videos for Dynamics NAV. If you’re working on Dynamics … Continued