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Spotlighting NAV solutions

4 June 2015
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No end-user has the same requirements, and this means that the job of the partner is to discover those end-user needs, and to tailor an implementation of Dynamics NAV to them. If you’re looking to be an end-user of NAV solutions to improve your business, here is just a flavour of some of the solutions already out there across a variety of niches. Please note that these are UK-based companies, but NAV is a global industry and there will be similar businesses in territories across the world.
  1. Construction: Metaphorix
As one of Microsoft’s strongest partners, Metaphorix has a vertical specialisation in construction which has taught them how to deliver a software solution that is full-service – one that is designed to manage the full construction and contracting lifestyle. With a range of different software packages available, constructors and construction managers can take advantage of packages for:
  • Finance and reporting
  • Estimating
  • Inventory and warehousing
  • Project costing
What makes NAV capable of delivering all of these tailored solutions is its modularity. With its number of different granules, end-users simply take the parts that suit their business needs.
  1. Food: LinkFresh
For the food and beverage industry, partner LinkFresh have developed a range of ERM solutions, designed using Dynamics NAV tailored to the food supply industry. From developing solutions to help keep food fresh, to implementing smart solutions that understand the needs and requirements of a particular foodstuff. For example, egg producers have unique requirements in feed and flock management and LinkFresh. In addition, perishable goods like flowers, fruit and vegetables need to be produced and distributed with maximum effectiveness to ensure they arrive at their peak of quality, and NAV’s analytics helps producers and distributors streamline their processes.
  1. Distribution: Azzure
With a rapidly changing global landscape, some distribution companies are having a challenging time keeping up. However, with partners like Azzure, specialist supply chain and distribution systems are helping to increase competitiveness in the global market. Their solution enables distribution companies to take full control of their warehouse and have full coverage of their stock, to improve customer service by delivering more stock on time, to provide better labour management, and to have tighter control of operational costs. Each one of these services can be split into their own distinct packages, or they can be bundled together in a bespoke fashion to create the perfect solution for the end-user.
  1. Wine: Tvision
Coming from NAV specialists Tvision, The Wine System is created from the ground up – using NAV as a basic framework – to support the needs of the wine and spirits industry. They work with Dynamics NAV because, they claim, it is ‘the best mid range solution available’ and enables them to create the perfect wine industry ERP solution possible. The software covers both distribution and stock, and has even been expanded to help with a range of extra industry-specific concepts such as duty-paid/duty-free, customer reserves, media pack information and more.
  1. Retail: K3
One of the best-known NAV partners working in the retail vertical is K3. They help retailers to deliver joined-up customer experiences by creating bespoke NAV solutions for retailers big and small. The retail software that they offer is end-to-end, and is fully integrated, helping over 10,000 stores to deliver a better user journey to their customers. The single solution that K3 offers helps retailers bring head office software, store and till software, and their databases together. This delivers meaningful data faster. Whatever your industry, from manufacturing to health, from finance to not for profit, there is a NAV solution to fit your business needs and Conspicuous is uniquely placed to offer impartial, knowledgeable advise to all potential NAV end-users as to what partners would be worth talking to. If you’d like to speak with other Dynamics professionals and see how they’re approaching Dynamics NAV jobs, join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For the latest Dynamics roles and news visit our site, or… Give us a call on +44(0)1483 233 000.

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