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What Dynamics NAV developers want from their dream jobs

28 May 2015
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When you’re a Microsoft Dynamics recruitment consultant, you spend a lot of your time looking at how you can solve business issues by sourcing great candidates, and we find candidates their ideal career opportunities. This is especially true in the world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV recruitment. The recent launch of NAV 2015 has seen a significant number of upgrades to the existing NAV software, and coupling that with the intense worldwide growth of SMEs, NAV is a product attracting plenty of high quality talent, even though the average NAV salary might not be as high as for other areas of Microsoft Dynamics. However, Dynamics NAV jobs in the UK are very popular because NAV candidates simply love working with NAV. Here’s why.
  1. A variety of verticals
As a piece of software, Dynamics NAV is specially designed to work well with SMEs across a range of different industries. This flexibility is key to the software’s recent serge in popularity, and being able to work in this sort of environment is appealing to many developers. If the role is with a partner, the developer could be working with a manufacturing client one month, and then with a retail client the next. If the developer is looking at end-user, in-house roles, they will have plenty of options to choose from.
  1. Ease of use
With the release of Dynamics NAV 2015, there has been a significant shift away from separate development for PC and mobile, towards a more streamlined, cohesive user experience. As an example, in the new version of NAV, if the end-user doesn’t wish to see some of the options displayed to them at a given time, they can simply delete them from view – with the option of reintroducing them at a later stage if they wish. Being allowed the freedom in their job to use NAV they way they want is vital.
  1. Worldwide work
The ability to work abroad is something that many people aspire to. With such a wide range of NAV end-users working across the globe, it’s extremely possible that a Dynamics developer could be working in the UK, mainland Europe or the US. If you’re a Dynamics consultant, it’s therefore essential that you offer developers the chance to work where they want, as they’re likely to be more productive.
  1. Forward-thinking and mobile-first
One of NAV’s key selling points is that it is a anywhere, anytime enabled. This means that developers can implement solutions that are easy to use on a phone or tablet without any complication. This is essential in the NAV arena, where those often using the products created by the developers are on the move and require something that is stable and portable. It also creates a great opportunity for NAV developers, because it means they have the chance to work with cloud technologies like Microsoft’s Azure, and trial futuristic mobile-first approaches to programming.
  1. Continual learning
While NAV 2015 has just launched, Microsoft are already talking about their Autumn release, codenamed ‘Corfu’. This demonstrates the ever-changing landscape in Dynamics, and is just one more thing that NAV developers enjoy about their work: The requirement to keep learning, to develop and train others in Microsoft’s new platforms. Presenting ways for developers to keep learning is key to enticing them with a potential job. If you're a Dynamics NAV candidate looking to find your dream role, start by joining us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For the latest Dynamics roles, visit our site, or… give us a call on +44(0)1483 233 000.

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