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Microsoft: It’s Simple

17 June 2014
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It was nearly forty years ago that Microsoft’s “a computer on every desk in every home” vision statement appeared in print – and what a clean and simple statement it is.  It’s not always reported that it was followed by “running Microsoft software” (as you can hear in this Bill Gates interview here).    Since then there have been many changes in that vision statement, (none so memorable or so clear), but when you think about Microsoft’s intentions in the Dynamics marketplace, then its original aim for simply putting its software in the hands of everyone still rings true.   From conversations about Road to Repeatability I hear that NAV is becoming more product orientated and that there is an ambition to produce CDs that contain basic industry functionality.  This will mean that small businesses can install the main product themselves, then download the latest updates as and when they’re available.  All sound a bit Microsoft O/S to you?  Sound a bit like it’s cutting out partners?  It does to me too.   As a Microsoft NAV partner, you would be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft doesn’t want you to know its actual intention given the amount of programmes and PR about how selling NAV will benefit your business but let’s be clear – Microsoft needs more people consuming NAV licenses and if there’s not enough flowing through the channel then don’t be surprised to a more direct approach - I wouldn’t be surprised to see basic NAV functionality becoming available with Office365 soon.   Wanting everyone to buy and use your software is a simple aim but securing the future of the channel is going to be slightly more complicated –what do you think?   Conspicuous are more than a recruitment agency - For any Dynamics news, advice or Dynamics jobs please do contact us.

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