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The Dynamics NAV “Corfu” knowledge that will win you your next job

29 January 2015
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The next version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV- codenamed “Corfu” – is set for a late 2015 release. At TechDays 2014 back in November, Microsoft laid out its Dynamics NAV roadmap for 2015-17. Here are four key points about Dynamics NAV "Corfu" to impress an interviewer – or potential new colleague – with.

1. Three new core areas of improvement

First, impress with knowledge of the three main things the NAV team are implementing in their late 2015 update. The first is workflow. At TechDays, Michael Nielsen, principal engineering director for Dynamics NAV, explained that with each update workflow streamlining is a priority. Therefore, the Dynamics NAV team is striving to make the Corfu workflow maximally streamlined and efficient. The second area is document management and OCR. There is already a range of ISV solutions, but the NAV team is looking to develop more partnerships with the intention to generate more solutions. The final area of improvement is e-services integration. Much like ISVs, Microsoft is hoping to encourage partners – new and old alike – to build strong e-services integration.

2. A single code base

Neilsen then proceeded to explain that Corfu would hopefully be taking advantage of a single, unified code base for each of the user interfaces that NAV operates on: mobile, web, and desktop client. This should make the life of the Dynamics professional more straightforward, because any differences in the code base of different NAV editions means there’s more for the programmer to get their head around.

3. Streamlined UX

Next, Neilson revealed that the update would see a streamlined user experience across all platforms. So, for example, the web client is set to become a “single-page” application where all tasks can be completed under one URL. This will increase efficiency and workflow, and make the learning process easier for any Dynamics NAV trainee.

4. Glimpse into the distant future

Finally, Solutions Architect, Thomas Hejlsberg, gave the audience at TechDays a behind-the-scenes look at some far-off features that might find their way to later versions of NAV. One was the possibility to access NAV in low-impact ways – potentially powered by the Azure Service Bus, enabling users to trigger actions remotely.    Knowledge is a powerful tool. These are just four simple pieces of Dynamics-related news, but once internalised, they’ll help you shine amongst other candidates. If you’d like to receive regular Microsoft Dynamics news, join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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