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Dynamics Professionals: Could You Be Earning More in America?

Whatever stage you’re at in your career, and whatever your choice of technology (AX, CRM or NAV), there are always more opportunities available in the Dynamics landscape. To really maximise your earnings and experience, being flexible with your location can be a solution. That might mean following the American Dream and trying your luck in … Continued

The Digital Transformation Is Here

Last week we spoke about how excited we were for Microsoft Envision, the company’s premier Dynamics-focussed event, held – historically – on 4th-6th April under the name ‘Convergence’. Now, the event is winding to a close and the big message of the event is clear: digital transformation is happening right now and it’s happening everywhere. … Continued

Five Dream Dynamics NAV Jobs on Conspicuous Right Now!

Dynamics NAV is going from strength to strength offering an excellent user experience and more importantly a return on investment. Dynamics NAV 2016 is a scalable ERP offering huge versatility too all business and industry which implements it. Quick! These great Dynamics NAV jobs are sure to get a lot of attention. Here are five … Continued

Are Sector-Specific CRM Solutions the Future?

One of the biggest challenges for the CRM industry is getting the attention of key business decision-makers in organisations where purchasing or developing a CRM might be the logical next step, but might not be the number one priority. Here we discuss whether sector-specific CRM solutions might be a fix of this issue. The Known … Continued

The Top Microsoft Dynamics Employers

This week we thought we would take a break from the news to examine some of the top UK Microsoft Dynamics employers. Whether you’re looking for CRM or ERP jobs, here are some of our choices for the best UK Dynamics employers. Crimsonwing KPMG Crimsonwing is a global IT solutions company that operates across a … Continued

Why NAV Is Failing to Dominate the SME Market

In August last year we spoke about the main differences between Dynamics AX and NAV. We explained that one of the key differences is the audiences both technologies are aimed at – AX at large, multinational organisations and NAV at small and medium-sized businesses. In this article, we reveal three reasons why Dynamics NAV is … Continued

Is Dynamics AX Moving Too Slowly for Retail?

With the NRF Retail’s Big Show happening this week in NYC, we thought it was time to ask whether Dynamics AX for Retail – Microsoft’s retail-focussed ERP solution – is really living up to its name. There has been a lot of buzz in recent months about Microsoft’s new, focussed and consolidated efforts to drag … Continued

Will Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy Pay off?

It’s absolutely clear that Microsoft under Nadella is a totally different beast compared with the corporation under previous management. Nadella’s strategy has been clear and simple right from the very off: to deliver services and products that simplify the lives of individuals and organisations everywhere. We heard a lot about this in 2015 at events … Continued