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Dynamics CRM & ERP: What Does 2016 Look Like?

Microsoft might be busy explaining to the world how they are helping Christmas tree vendors sell more trees using Dynamics CRM, but here at Conspicuous, we’re eagerly looking ahead to 2016 to see where Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions might be heading. Of course, most of the job has been done for us. There have … Continued

Convergence 2015: The Trick to Predicting The Future?

While Future Decoded ended only a couple of weeks ago, we’ll be jetting off to Barcelona next week for Convergence EMEA: Microsoft’s premier ideas, technology and Microsoft Dynamics-focussed expo for Europe. We’re expecting a lot from the expo, and with some fantastic sessions and key speakers to check out, there’s plenty to be excited about. … Continued

The Four Pillars of Dynamics: Service

In the fourth and final instalment of the Four Pillars of Dynamics series, we’re taking a look at perhaps the least-discussed quarter of Microsoft Dynamics: Microsoft Dynamics Service. If you’re an IT professional looking for a Microsoft Dynamics job in the US or UK, you’re bound to be asked questions in your interview about what … Continued

How to Get Tech Jobs at the World’s Top Tech Companies

While Microsoft Dynamics jobs are our bread and butter, we here at Conspicuous certainly don’t stray away from the broader technology and IT job market. After all, it’s no good specialising in an industry if you don’t understand the wider landscape it sits within. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to getting a job … Continued

American Microsoft Dynamics: How America Is leading the Way with Microsoft Dynamics

American Microsoft Dynamics Professionals in business, government and NGOs are achieving some remarkable results. If you’re in a Microsoft Dynamics Job, read on for three inspirational Microsoft case studies on how to harness Dynamics to drive big success in your industry.   CompassLearning CompassLearning use computers to create an individualised learning experience for children in … Continued