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Dynamics Professionals: Could You Be Earning More in America?

18 April 2016
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Whatever stage you’re at in your career, and whatever your choice of technology (AX, CRM or NAV), there are always more opportunities available in the Dynamics landscape. To really maximise your earnings and experience, being flexible with your location can be a solution. That might mean following the American Dream and trying your luck in a fantastic Dynamics CRM or ERP opportunity abroad. If you do wish to pursue your career in the US, following the American Dream, then will you be better off? We’ve asked Conspicuous’ top consultants what they think.


Job titles and progression in the US Dynamics market follow along the same lines as in the UK. However, there are obviously salary differences between the UK and US markets: Here are the average salary ranges for developers and consultants in the UK compared with US: UK:
  • Junior developer or consultant: £25-£35K,
  • Mid-level developer or consultant: £35K - £50K,
  • Senior developer or consultant: £50K+
Those in AX are likely to earn 10-20% higher than those in NAV. That applies for both developers and consultants. US:
  • Junior developer or consultant: $40K - $70K ,
  • Mid-level developer or consultant: $70K - $100K,
  • Senior developer or consultant: $100K+


There are regional salary variations in the US, just as there are in the UK and they play an important role in determining your salary. UK:
  • In the UK, the real hotspot of technology and IT for Dynamics is London
  • Salaries can be expected to be roughly 10% higher in London than in other areas of the UK.
  • Other cities such as Manchester and Birmingham are also large centres of Dynamics activity, although salary expectations should be lower for these areas. Of course, the cost of living is higher in London, so these factors need to be balanced before you make a decision.
  • Conspicuous’ research has discovered that salaries are highest in New York and California.
  • Like London, cost of living is higher in these states, too.
  • Other factors in the US include personal taxation as this is state-variable. For example, you pay less tax in Florida and Texas than in California.

Additional factors:

  • Holiday-wise, US workers only have 10 vacation days compared with UK workers’ 20-25 days.
  • Bonuses in the US appear marginally larger and more frequent. For example, many companies pay quarterly.
Hopefully, the expert knowledge above has simplified whether you should leave your job in the UK to find that perfect CRM or ERP role in the US. Upload your CV to our job board and our expert team of US consultants will help to place you in your dream role. If you’re a US organisation searching for the right resource, the UK is full of highly skilled, highly trained Dynamics professionals. Whether you are looking for Developers, Consultants or Project Managers, upload a job today.

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