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Everything You Need to Know about the Dynamics Technical Conference 2016

It’s time once more to start talking about Microsoft’s annual Dynamics technical conference, which this year will be held in Seattle. A Special Focus on Microsoft Dynamics AX With the general global release of Microsoft Dynamics AX on the horizon this year’s technical conference will revolve explicitly around AX7. Microsoft claims there are three central … Continued

Will Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy Pay off?

It’s absolutely clear that Microsoft under Nadella is a totally different beast compared with the corporation under previous management. Nadella’s strategy has been clear and simple right from the very off: to deliver services and products that simplify the lives of individuals and organisations everywhere. We heard a lot about this in 2015 at events … Continued

Convergence 2015: The Trick to Predicting The Future?

While Future Decoded ended only a couple of weeks ago, we’ll be jetting off to Barcelona next week for Convergence EMEA: Microsoft’s premier ideas, technology and Microsoft Dynamics-focussed expo for Europe. We’re expecting a lot from the expo, and with some fantastic sessions and key speakers to check out, there’s plenty to be excited about. … Continued

How to Get Tech Jobs at the World’s Top Tech Companies

While Microsoft Dynamics jobs are our bread and butter, we here at Conspicuous certainly don’t stray away from the broader technology and IT job market. After all, it’s no good specialising in an industry if you don’t understand the wider landscape it sits within. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to getting a job … Continued

Glimpsing the Future with Future Decoded

There are plenty of events that those with Microsoft Dynamics jobs should be paying attention to, and if you’re in the UK, one of the big ones is just around the corner: Future Decoded. So, what is this event? What will you learn if you’re a technology or business leader? Will it help you with … Continued

American Microsoft Dynamics: How America Is leading the Way with Microsoft Dynamics

American Microsoft Dynamics Professionals in business, government and NGOs are achieving some remarkable results. If you’re in a Microsoft Dynamics Job, read on for three inspirational Microsoft case studies on how to harness Dynamics to drive big success in your industry.   CompassLearning CompassLearning use computers to create an individualised learning experience for children in … Continued

How Smart Cities Will revolutionise Urban Life

Smart Cities are one of those areas of life where we’re catching up on sci-fi a lot faster than you might think. If seeing someone paying for their bus with their wristwatch makes you flash-forward to apocalyptic Fallout-esque visions of people wandering the earth with ‘Pip-Boy’ personal computers attached to their arms, you might want … Continued

Five Dynamics GP Video Tutorials

In April, we brought you some of the best video tutorials for those working Dynamics NAV jobs. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Dynamics GP video tutorials. Here’s a list of some of the most sought-after technical help videos for Dynamics GP. If you’re working on Dynamics GP projects, these videos might help. Using … Continued