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Microsoft Hides Massive Job Losses under ‘Restructuring’: Are Dynamics Professionals Safe?

1 October 2015
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Oh Microsoft, you can’t fool us. In the world of Microsoft Dynamics jobs, we’re always going the extra mile to find the right end-user the appropriate Dynamics resource. We also try to find each and every candidate their dream role. In the wider Microsoft arena, however, it’s clear that workers are far less secure. So what’s the problem? In a word, phones. Off the back of the announcement that the corporation would be undergoing a major executive shake-up to help “drive engineering alignment”, Microsoft has now let slip another round of restructuring that will lead to “up to” 7,800 job cuts, ‘primarily in the phone business, and plans to “restructure the company’s phone hardware business to focus and align resources.”   Realigning along the Path of Services Microsoft, historically, has straddled the line of being a hardware and a software-focussed company, but more recently, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, has aimed to move the corporation in a mobile-first direction. This means heavy cloud integration, mobile services, and a preference for mobile devices. In a recent email circulated to employees, Nadella explained that the company wanted to “reinvent productivity and business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform, and create more personal computing” Following this, Microsoft announced that Stephen Elop, the former head of Nokia, would be departing the company. Nadella told the press that Elop “Has been a strong advocate of the need to drive focus and accountability around the delivery of these experiences and has helped drive tighter alignment toward the ambition of more personal computing. With the structural change described above, Stephen and I have agreed that now is the right time for him to retire from Microsoft.” Microsoft has now announced that they are winding down their phone division to focus on their cloud services and devices division.   Safe with Microsoft Dynamics? So what does this mean? It means that Microsoft is focussing their efforts where it counts, and at the moment, where it counts is Microsoft Dynamics. Nadella has just announced that the company will be turning its current five business segments into three:
  • Productivity and Business Processes (Office)
  • Intelligent Cloud (Windows Server and other infrastructure projects)
  • More Personal Productivity (Windows)
Microsoft Dynamics business solutions, including Dynamics ERP products, Dynamics on-premises, and Dynamics CRM Online all fall within the Productivity and Business Processes segment, which saw a revenue of £26,432 million for financial year 2015. It also saw an operations loss decrease, falling from £13,940 million in 2014 to £13,087 million in 2015. It looks like those in the Microsoft Dynamics arena, then, are safe for now. With new services and updates on the horizon, and businesses and organisations around the world looking to increase efficiencies under tightening budgets, those looking for Microsoft Dynamics jobs in the UK and US will be more sought-after than ever.

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