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Hybrid Working for Dynamics Partners in a Post Pandemic World

Since the Government’s Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, many workforces have continued to practice home working, either in full or partial (hybrid) measures across the working week.  Some argue this is for good reason, others are not so sure. We’ve been weighing up the benefits and have decided to practise our own style of hybrid … Continued

A Guide to a Greener Workplace

This year, lots of organisations and individuals have embraced a new way of working after COVID-19 has forced us all to reconsider how we carry out our daily work tasks.  For many, this has meant working from home, using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with colleagues, and generally relying more on digital services.  There are many … Continued

New D365 Roles 2021

Are you in a career slump? Feeling undervalued, understimulated, and generally feeling like you want more from your job?  Did you know that, according to a global survey conducted by Gallup, only 15% of employees report feeling engaged at work? That leaves 85% of the working population feeling, well, bored.  So why stick with a … Continued

Are You Ready for the Imminent IR35 Reform?

This year brings the introduction of the IR35 reform in the private sector. If you are a contract worker–or your business is engaged with contract workers, you can expect to see some changes around how you are hired/hire people – but, the reform is manageable. If you’re worried about the impact of this reform, keep … Continued

Get Excited Now By These Microsoft Ignite 2021 Announcements

This year the Microsoft Ignite conference hosted a 48-hour virtual event for over 150,000 tech leaders and practitioners. Here’s a recap of the major announcements: Microsoft Mesh Self-declared as their next big “whoa”, Microsoft Mesh promises to bring geographically dispersed teams together in the most connected way yet. It is a mixed reality platform that … Continued

10 Steps Towards an Effective Workplace Diversity Policy

Workplace diversity and inclusion are vital to healthy and effective businesses and improving them has key benefits for your company. Ultimately, having a diverse workforce with employees from all walks of life will: Equip your business with a wide range of experience and skills Give you a higher chance of solving critical problems faster, and … Continued