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When Coding IS the Solution (Dynamics 365 CE)

Last post, we looked at reasons why it is important to consider other options before starting to write code.  However, sometimes there is no other way to solve a problem then by rolling up your sleeves and coding a solution. The main advantage of code is its ability to solve almost any problem. Microsoft and … Continued

When Coding is NOT the Solution (Dynamics 365 CE)

Developers are often tempted to start writing code to fix new problems as they are discovered.  However, in the Dynamics 365 CE world, this behaviour can often cause problems and add costs for the future.  While there are definitely times when writing code is necessary, let’s take a look at some important things to consider … Continued

Flickr, LinkedIn, Dynamics 365 and the joy of slowness

Remember Flickr? The photo-sharing platform was one of the original social media pioneers; beloved of its users and admired by Silicon Valley, Yahoo snapped it up for a song in 2005. Fast forward to today, and Flickr languishes far behind its brasher competitor Instagram, its number of active users steadily dwindling down towards zero. It’s … Continued

5 Essential Points to Get Across in an Interview

That all important first impression. The key firm, but not too firm, hand shake. Maintaining eye contact and making sure you’re suitably dressed. Do these things even matter in interviews today? Speaking plainly, yes. But we think there is more important advice for candidates who really want to seize the opportunity. Here our team have … Continued