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5 Essential Points to Get Across in an Interview

2 May 2018
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That all important first impression. The key firm, but not too firm, hand shake. Maintaining eye contact and making sure you’re suitably dressed. Do these things even matter in interviews today? Speaking plainly, yes. But we think there is more important advice for candidates who really want to seize the opportunity. Here our team have compiled a list, showcasing how to do the basics really well.

1) Knowledge of the company

Your prospective employers will want to feel that you have a genuine desire to work for them. Employers like to see someone who is inquisitive and proactive. Being caught out on basic due diligence can be catastrophic in interviews, especially in the eyes of stakeholders who are looking to offer you a piece of their pie. First off, read and learn the “About” section on the business website. Then conduct a basic Google search and make a note of any recent press or announcements you find. It’s also fine to research your interviewer’s background on LinkedIn. Finally, look at your network. You may know someone, who knows someone, who knows the business - be bold and ask for their honest input and feedback.

2) Going the extra mile

We’ve said it and we will say it again: proactivity is key. Don’t just do what your interviewer is asking of you. Figure out a way of going beyond the spectrum of what they’ve seen before. Higher quality printed documents. Forecasting based on what you know. Using new and innovative platforms for presentations. Why not critique existing projects and provide solutions to the problems that they’re already aware of? In short, add your own memorable touch to the procedure.

3) Matching your skills

No candidate is perfect, so don’t pretend to be capable of everything. Seasoned HR and management professionals notice when someone is just saying “yes”. A more effective way of meeting their requirements is to be very specific about how your experience and skills match their business needs. Rather than list everything you can do, pick the most important assets for the role and show your expertise in those areas. Some roles demand a generalist approach but Dynamics professionals are often employed for their niche areas of skill and expertise. You are specialists not generalists.

4) Measurable examples of success

It’s likely that the interviewers will have seen other candidates all vying for the same role. The best way to beat the competition is to prove your worth. Use real outcomes and results to add facts to your promises. Whether you show increased efficiencies and performance metrics for a particular project, or first-hand sales data, this will show that results matter to you. Understanding goals and how to measure your activity against them is staple of any Microsoft Dynamics role.

5) Soft skills

Your interviewer is likely to be focused on the technologies you’re familiar with. However, don’t forget to take time to show-off your soft skills. From analytical thinking to the ability to liaise directly with clients, soft skills are essential. Your interviewer may judge this based on the “feeling” of the interview, rather than anything that was said. To help shape your behaviour, gain an understanding of the company values before you arrive and ensure you’re in-tune. Ultimately, however, be yourself. The best opportunities feel challenging but natural, which is exactly how you should feel when interviewing. Conspicuous helps our candidates achieve their potential in interviews, so if you would like to practice your interview techniques, or need additional resources, please get in touch with one of our expert UK and US consultants today on +44 (0)1483 233000 or +1 646 202 1761.

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