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The Key Traits to Look for in Your First Dynamics 365 Technical Role Hire

3 May 2018
Written by
Helayna Lowe
Whether you’re a well-established business undergoing digital transformation, or you’re a new micro organization who have digital at the core of what you do, and are ready to hire that essential first Microsoft Dynamics technical role, knowing what to look for can be a challenge. This is true whether you are ready to make your first Microsoft Dynamics hire, or you are looking for your first .NET dev. These are some things you should be ready to consider. Are they ready to take ownership? There are some people who are happy to work 9 to 5 allowing somebody else to take the reins. That might be what you’re looking for on your fifth tech hire, but for your first you need somebody to come in and take charge, leading in your development efforts as a self-starter. Will they take charge of the project from a technical viewpoint? Are they problem solvers? Leading on from the last point, you will need your next technical role hire to be a technical problem solver so that you can focus on everything else you need to focus on. It’s most likely that this is the core motivation for hiring them in the first place. It might be a good idea to introduce some sort of logic test into your interview process. Are they knowledge about multiple technical platforms/languages? Breadth and depth of knowledge is important—especially for your first technical hire. That’s because they need to operate within the technical platform of their specialization (Dynamics 365, JavaScript, PHP, etc.), but they should also be leading in your technical development, meaning that they should be aware of the next best thing, the strengths and weaknesses of the tools you’re using, as well as those of your rivals. Are they hustlers? Ask yourself: Is that candidate going to be resourceful, or will they spend their time begging you for resources? Particularly in a small start-up environment, the right employee will get on with the job, even if they’re not familiar with every piece of the puzzle. They’ll have an intrinsic curiosity and have the desire to break through boundaries in order to meet their deadlines or targets. Are they good communicators?  In a small team environment where each individual personality really matters to the overall atmosphere of the workplace, great communication is essential. If they interface with your clients or suppliers it could even jeopardize a project. This is why soft skills are becoming increasingly more important. Are they Optimists? Your first technical hire could be under a lot of pressure. After all, they’re setting the bar for the others who follow them, and they have to work independently on whatever task is required of them. The ability to cope well with that pressure is therefore paramount to their success. You need somebody who can work through their issues, help raise spirit and morale and build rapport with others. If you’re looking for your first Dynamic 365 Technical Role Hire, get in touch with one of our Microsoft Dynamics recruitment consultants and we’ll find your perfect match.

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