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Redundancies for Microsoft Dynamics

You may’ve seen the recent news that 21,000 more roles are to be impacted in Microsoft’s next wave of layoffs, with a reported 18,000 straight redundancies. Satya Nadella is certainly following through on July’s promise to shake things up.    Little did we know that the Dynamics community would be directly involved. Reports have come … Continued

Is this the story of Microsoft and Minecraft’s future?

With Microsoft’s announcement that it has acquired the Minecraft creators Mojang, the world’s press has been lit up.  From Bloomberg to Newsround, everyone is speculating on what the impact of this purchase will be. The product In comments posted across sites including, Geekwire, and TotalXbox, one of the big questions is whether Minecraft will … Continued

Microsoft: Partner or leader?

Microsoft has a reputation for being a leader rather than a partner, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it exudes commitment to their agenda. But for many, the tech giant is seen to push its own plans rather recognize those of its partners. Microsoft aims to be the leader. This is apparent as it … Continued

5 tips for software development productivity

After reading various books and blogs, it’s apparent that different developers use different techniques to keep themselves focused and productive. Here are five of the best tips we found for software development productivity, based on the thoughts of our developer friends. 1. Eat the Frog. Do the most important tasks first. You have a long list … Continued

Microsoft Partner Network gets a refresh

In my years of working with the Microsoft channel (first GP, then NAV and AX followed by all disciplines of Microsoft partner) the most consistently interesting and rewarding thing has been learning about these businesses and how they are impacted by being a Microsoft partner.  I love understanding why these companies were set up and … Continued