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Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to Cease New Licensing Deals

With the Spring 2017 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations expected to launch on 1st July, Microsoft is expected to stop offering Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to new customers on that same date. With the corporation’s release of its on-premise version of Dynamics 365 for Operations, (Microsoft Dynamics for Operations Local Business Data), Microsoft … Continued

The Digital Transformation Is Here

Last week we spoke about how excited we were for Microsoft Envision, the company’s premier Dynamics-focussed event, held – historically – on 4th-6th April under the name ‘Convergence’. Now, the event is winding to a close and the big message of the event is clear: digital transformation is happening right now and it’s happening everywhere. … Continued

Top 5 AX 2012 Video Tips & Tutorials

There is so much functionality waiting to be exploited within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Thankfully, the ubiquitous nature of AX means that there is a huge online community out there eager to help you use it, so here’s our top 5 AX 2012 Video Tips & Tutorials. So whether you have recently started using a new … Continued

The best emerging sectors for Dynamics AX jobs

There’s some fantastic news for those looking for Dynamics AX jobs: Microsoft is pushing their Dynamics business into new and emerging sectors. What this means for Microsoft Dynamics AX candidates is that there is set to be a serge in Dynamics AX roles, ensuring better job prospects for Dynamics candidates. Here are just a few … Continued

Dynamics AX ‘Rainier’: On the road to ‘anywhere, anytime’

We’ve been speaking a lot recently about Microsoft’s push for “anywhere, anytime” and Dynamics AX ‘Rainier’ will be a big push towards that. In today’s ever more connected world, businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes are searching for ways to increase their productivity by placing their customers at the center of their experience. … Continued