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Top 5 AX 2012 Video Tips & Tutorials

19 August 2015
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There is so much functionality waiting to be exploited within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Thankfully, the ubiquitous nature of AX means that there is a huge online community out there eager to help you use it, so here's our top 5 AX 2012 Video Tips & Tutorials. So whether you have recently started using a new module, or are just looking for new ways to improve your routine operations, these top 5 AX videos are sure to teach you something you didn’t know.  
  1. AX Warehouse Management WMS 101
We’ll start with some heavy lifting. This video gives a thorough overview of AX’s warehouse management system. It gives detailed explanations of everything this module can do, from organising cluster picking to replenishing and material staging. Heavy going, but this video really delivers.  
  1. Lifecycle Services
Lifecycle Services is a new service based on the Azure cloud platform. It’s a set of tools for AX 2012 R2 and R3 which is designed to help you achieved repeated, predictable success by delivering the right information to the right people, at the right time. If you haven’t used it yet, this great 3min tutorial will show you how to get started. It’s a series of three as well, so look out for the sequels.  
  1. Clienteling Tools
Clienteling tools are great for gaining an understanding of the customer. It’s a touch-device tool to help staff on the floor drive sales and deliver high customer satisfaction. This short Microsoft video shows how the app works.  
  1. Creating a Report
It’s always good to revisit the basics. Creating a report might be something you do every week, so imagine how good it would be if you discovered a better way of doing it? That’s exactly what TechBrothersIT think they are going to show you in this well made, well narrated video.    
  1. Managing Multiple Legal Entities 
One of AX great points is its multi-company functionality. This video from AKA Enterprise Solutions shows you how to make the most of this with a focus on the legal aspect of managing multiple entities on a single database.

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