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How Dynamics 365 Is Reshaping Platform Implementation

Through more modular, digestible pricing, and a reshaping of their training and platform infrastructure, Microsoft is making it easier than ever for end-users to get the platform they need – regardless of the niche. Here we explore what this means for end-users, partners, and Dynamics professionals. It’s less about consulting; more about niche In the … Continued

Retail Is Leading the Insight-Driven Revolution

Retail destinations – both on-and-offline – are changing. Now more than ever before, retail is being driven by customer insight. This is where Microsoft’s productivity revolution – driven by Microsoft Dynamics – excels. So much data… The big challenge of the 21st century, as this TED playlist summarises – and expands on – is the … Continued

How Microsoft Dynamics Powered the Election

With the presidential election process now over, the US is starting to heal and move forward. Unsurprisingly, technology played a large part in this election cycle, with reports that Facebook’s advertised news posts might have had an impact on the election result, amongst other things! It’s also clear that CRM, ERP and other cloud productivity … Continued