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Dynamics NAV 2016 Set for Windows 10 Full Compatibility

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is set for Windows 10 full compatibility. In a recent post, we wrote about how Windows 10 would improve the world of Microsoft Dynamics professionals. We suggested that ditching Internet Explorer, implementing a universal app platform and perusing the mobile-first agenda will improve the workflow and abilities of those with Microsoft … Continued

Top 5 AX 2012 Video Tips & Tutorials

There is so much functionality waiting to be exploited within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Thankfully, the ubiquitous nature of AX means that there is a huge online community out there eager to help you use it, so here’s our top 5 AX 2012 Video Tips & Tutorials. So whether you have recently started using a new … Continued

The Differences between AX and NAV

The differences between Dynamics AX and NAV. If you’ve been working in a Microsoft Dynamics job – regardless of in the US or UK – you’ll be familiar with both of Microsoft’s ERP solutions: Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. What are the differences? However, end-users and business owners new to Dynamics can often be unaware … Continued

How Smart Cities Will revolutionise Urban Life

Smart Cities are one of those areas of life where we’re catching up on sci-fi a lot faster than you might think. If seeing someone paying for their bus with their wristwatch makes you flash-forward to apocalyptic Fallout-esque visions of people wandering the earth with ‘Pip-Boy’ personal computers attached to their arms, you might want … Continued