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Microsoft Dynamics’ top 9 people, places and platforms

The Microsoft Dynamics community is full of influencers. With the Dynamics industry growing year on year, it looks like these influencers are going to become more and more important. So, who and what are the people, places and platforms that those in the Dynamics community should be up on? 1. Satya Nadella: Microsoft’s Chief Executive Office … Continued

Our 2015 Dynamics predictions

We’ve said goodbye to 2014, and we’ve sipped from our first glass of 2015 champagne. In that time, we’ve had chance to think about what’s going to emerge in the next 12 months for the world of Dynamics. Here are some of our 2015 Dynamics predictions. 1. Microsoft kick starts its own Dynamics CRM graduate boot camp If you ask Partners, … Continued

The three S’s of recruitment advertisements

I was so struck by the news that 10,000 people responded to UK Paintball’s advertisement for a “Bullet Tester” that I had to go and have a look – what had made the recruitment ad so appealing?  Here’s what I found: A stand-out title If you’re going to recruit, you have to stand out.  From … Continued

Microsoft Dynamics 2014 year in review

2015 is here, so here at Conspicuous, we thought now would be a good time to take a look back at the last 12 months of Microsoft Dynamics. Whether you’re a UK Dynamics Partner or UK Dynamics End User, hopefully this retrospective helps clarify the major events, product launches and news stories from the last … Continued

Tips for employee engagement

How’s the mood in your office right now?  Does Kevin have the post-festive blues? Is Sarah looking longingly at the empty boxes of mince pies? The first few weeks back after Christmas and the New Year can be disruptive as employees re-enter the world of work. So how do you keep employees connected when all … Continued