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How to stop your dynamics employees leaving

11 December 2014
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Since starting Conspicuous in 2000 the Dynamics world has changed enormously. What hasn’t changed is why dynamics employees such as NAV, AX and CRM consultants are deciding to leave their employers, a fact that was highlighted when I attended Convergence in Barcelona. During one of the Dale Carnegie workshops on offer we discussed why the drivers for leaving stay the same as the world around us changes, but the real question is: what are you going to do about it?


If someone is purely motivated by salary they never stay anywhere long, using each job role as a stepping stone and you don’t want someone like that in your business.  It would be unrealistic to expect every AX and NAV partner to pay the same salaries but the smart ones make a point of aiming to pay in the top third, and crucially they tell their employees that this is the case.   On top of demonstrating to their staff they’re making sure they’re fairly paid, they make sure their employees feel valued byprovidingbenefitsthat bump up the overall package.  Additional holiday, healthcare provision and childcare vouchers are all highly-prized benefits that invest in employee wellbeing and make them want to stay – it’s not all about cold, hard cash.

Time away from home

Commuting is draining and if you have employees with young families or other dependents then a 2 hour journey to and from work can be a real barrier.  This is where flexible working comes into its own – and given the tools and technology available today it’s seen as archaic to be expected to come into the office every day unless absolutely necessary. Businesses that are supportive of home and/or remote working are offering far greater flexibility to their staff – and the ability to do this is something that more and more people are seeking when considering employers.  Outside of making your organisation more appealing (and reducing your overheads) there is the added benefit of having an employee who is ready to work as soon as their device is switched on, not one who is stressed because they’re contending with overcrowded trains and traffic jams.


Without the right tools to do the job work becomes frustrating.  Ancient laptops, flaky phones and out of date operating systems are inexcusable in the IT industry.  Customers want to see innovators, not a consultant waiting for their pc to boot up because it’s underpowered.  And when you’re dealing with developers they want the opportunity to create, innovate and play; if you can harness this passion by giving them great tech and great opportunities then they’re far more likely to stay. By taking a proactive approach to the reasons people leave, before anyone decides to leave, organisations can create a more engaged and loyal workforce which means the only recruitment they need to do is for growth – wouldn’t that make a nice change? For Dynamics NAV candidates visit here

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