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How to Accelerate Your Career as a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant in the US

5 December 2018
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It’s no secret that the number of freelancers and consultants working in the technology sector is growing year on year. In the US, we are helping record numbers of Microsoft Dynamics consultants in the US find new fulfilling, lucrative contracts and permanent positions. Matching the right talent with the right business takes a great deal of specialist sector and local knowledge, and at Conspicuous, we pride ourselves on this.

If you’re a consultant looking to accelerate your career in Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the United States, read our guide below for some practical knowledge.

1. Online training programmes

If you’re a consultant, it’s likely that you’re the sort of person who’s a self-starter. If you have that get up and go drive, then you should consider looking at online training tools you can do in your own time to better your understanding.

A quick Google Search reveals that there are a range of Dynamics partners out there that have specialist training courses for pretty much every aspect of Dynamics 365.

However, if you’d prefer to go straight to the source, Microsoft has their own Virtual Academy that is a fantastic resource for those looking to put in the time to work through their programmes. 

2. Business-internal development

If you’re currently contracted to work at a large organization on a multi-resource project, it’s more than likely that the business will organize their own training and development programmes, which it might be possible for you to access.

Speak with your project manager and they might be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively, if you’ve yet to select your next role, you might be able to speak with your Dynamics consultant about ensuring your next role contains some kind of training as part of your remuneration package.

3. Boot camps

If you don’t think you have the time to dedicate each week to personal development, then you might want to consider a boot camp instead. Boot camp training programmes like those offered by Microsoft and their Partners are run over just five days, meaning you can complete them between contracts, therefore you can dedicate yourself to your current role fully, without distracting yourself with personal development. 

4. Don’t hang around

If you’re really looking to make progress and accelerate through your career quickly, don’t be out of work. Once you’ve successfully completed your contract, ensure you move speedily into the next one. This ensures that you cover a lot of ground, both in terms of breath of projects and depth.

5. Attend the right events

Events like Directions 2019 and Extreme 365 are great events if you’re looking to advance the tools of your trade and advance your career through solid networking opportunities. While conferences can be expensive, attending the right one can help you accelerate your career as a US Dynamics consulting profession.   

6. Get the right roles

At Conspicuous, we have been advising Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants in the US on how to get their feet on the next rung of the career ladder for over a decade. We know the industry inside out, so speak to a member of our US-based team to get some professional, expert and friendly help.

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