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The Four Merits of Working as a Dynamics Contractor

3 August 2017
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According to a new survey from IT staffing firm TEKsystems, 26% of IT-hiring managers plan to increase the number of contractors in the second half of 2017 (another 46% reported that the number of temp workers will remain the same, and 13% say it will decrease). Working as a contractor can be an adventurous and compelling way to have a thriving career. Gone are the days when your career could be easily mapped out for you once you left school. We no longer stay with the same company for decades awaiting a gold watch or carriage clock once we retire. The world is moving at a much faster pace and the way we work has changed to reflect that. Companies have changed the way they recruit talent too, with contracting now a viable option for those who want to work full-time without being confined to one organisation, keeping your career fresh and changeable. We now live in a world where technology changes overnight and impacts all areas of life. Working as a contractor within tech allows you to be a part of the fast-paced, ever-changing industry and experience it in different environments. The other benefits of working as a contractor in technology include:
  1. Flexibility

    One of the biggest differences and benefits of being a contractor is the flexibility you’re afforded. Whilst most contract work is within the usual Monday to Friday office hours remit, there are enough positions available to give you more control over your work. Companies also like the way they can hire individuals to work on specific projects or peak workload times and ensure the hires are suitably skilled in very particular systems and tools.
  2. Job variation

    Remaining in one role can not only make you feel stagnant but it can also harm your professional growth. By working as a contractor, you can gain many new skills in a relatively short time. Upskilling this way can allow you to command a higher pay rate in your next contract, making you a very attractive candidate.
  3. Employability

    It was commonly thought that a CV with many different employers and roles spoke badly of a candidate. This is no longer the case. A CV with varied positions shows that a candidate is highly sought after, saleable, and can ‘hit the ground running’ when entering new roles. Positions working as a Dynamics 365 Consultant or Developer are particularly in high demand with many of these roles being contract roles, so you’re likely to always find work, should you want it of course. The American Staffing Association’s research found that 90% of contractors said that freelance work made them more employable, so if you’re looking to go permanent then you’ll be a highly desirable candidate.
  4. Financial benefits

    Independent contractors typically earn more money than a permanent employee in the same role. This is even more true in the technology industry. The average daily rate for an IT contractor is between £400-£470 dependant on level of experience, and contractors can be paid high overtime rates. Dynamics rates can reach over £1000 per day. This goes to show just a snapshot of how lucrative it can be to work as a dynamics contractor.
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