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CONV2014 update: AX and the Internet of Things

5 November 2014
Written by
Helayna Lowe
AX and the Internet of Things: At Conspicuous, part of our job is keeping up to date with the insanely-fast-moving world of Microsoft Dynamics, and that’s why we’re at the prestigious Convergence Conference held this year in Barcelona. Yesterday, in Kirill Tatarinov’s keynote speech we heard about the Internet of Things, and a little about the next phase for AX… The internet of yesteryear is well and truly gone The traditional idea of the internet as a system of interconnected machines that send signals to each other is well and truly gone. In the workplace, for example, recent innovations from Microsoft like its cloud-based Office 365 powered by Azure have facilitated a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work culture, meaning the workplace is a more fluid one.

The internet is learning

One of the most important things that we’ve learnt this week for those going into the next decade of MS Dynamics research is that, while the internet used to simply be a large, passive body of knowledge, it’s now almost an entity in and of itself that can learn a user’s habits and remember them to improve their experiences. This technology can be applied everywhere. Take, for example, a customer’s experience at a convenience store.  Data such as whether they have any promotion codes, the current weather, traffic and any calendar events can be pulled by the retail store to help the retailer produce a maximally relevant display.

AX 2012 R3 CU8 to launch November 2014

This is the point that Microsoft introduced to the next iteration of AX 2012: R3 CU8 that will launch this month (November), and provide users with better ways to approach old challenges using advanced rule-based optimisation and machine learning algorithms.
From our perspective, we’re looking to help your business find the Dynamics resource it needs, so if you’d like to recruit savvy Dynamics members to your team, get in touch.

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