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Dynamics: Britain’s Got Talent?

There is a problem with home-grown Dynamics NAV and AX talent – there’s simply not enough of it.  With what seems to be a dearth of new UK talent entering the partner community, how can partners continue to grow their services revenue in line with Microsoft’s growth aspirations for the Dynamics market?  It’s been over … Continued

Relocating to the UK

As Dynamics recruitment specialists we are in a prime position to see the European and global movement of talent. We can see how macroeconomics has an impact upon a country’s Dynamics’ professionals. Over the last few years there has been a steady influx to Britain of EU Dynamics NAV and AX developers and consultants. The article … Continued

Microsoft’s Tatarinov: no one serious is doing cloud ERP!

From the Diginomica Website     No-one ‘s doing cloud ERP! Or no-one serious at any rate. That’s according to Kirill Tatarinov, EVP for Microsoft Business Solutions, who was in London Tuesday when I grabbed the chance to sit down with him for a chat.  Microsoft this week upped its CRM game with the announcement … Continued

The Potential Impact of Satya Nadella on MS Dynamics

The announcement of Satya Nadella as the new CEO of Microsoft might not have come as much of a surprise, but I think his appointment poses a few questions as far as the Dynamics community is concerned. Firstly Nadella has no prior CEO or company leadership experience. OK, so he knows Microsoft inside and out, … Continued

Dynamics AX Powers Sochi Olympics

Excellent video explaining how Dynamics AX is providing the IT behind the Sochi Olympic Games       Conspicuous are more than just a Dynamics Recruitment Agency! For more info +44 (0)1483 233 000  

The Resurgence of Dynamics NAV

Last week I (Rob Wachman Director at Conspicuous) had an excellent meeting with Microsoft about Dynamics NAV.  I spoke about the past, present and the future.  The good news is that NAV is about to enter a period of resurgence. Microsoft has developed an excellent solution for the SME market, a solution that will compete … Continued

Dynamics AX News – Columbus buys Omnica

There has been further consolidation within the UK’s Dynamics AX market with Columbus IT looking to strengthen its multichannel retail offering by acquiring Omnica with immediate effect from 31st January 2014.   Omnica was founded in 2007 by Harry Manley and has rapidly grown to a staff of 30. Clients include Goodwins, Easons and Direct … Continued