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Freelancing – From the BBC Website

Freelancing. There is often a quandary to go contracting or not. At Conspicuous we often talk to candidates about the pros and cons and find that the decision is often more complex than people initially think. Certainly there is the opportunity to earn much more money on a contract basis, but this is tempered with the lack … Continued

Reputation is Critical in Dynamics Recruitment

Recent events in the British Press have highlighted the issue of reputation.  At Conspicuous we have worked hard over the last 13 years to develop a reputation of professionalism. We always aim to have a full and in depth understanding our clients, their business and their business needs going forward. At Conspicuous, we aim to fully understand our candidates, we … Continued

The Future of NAV

There have been many lines written on NAV and its future. It would seem that Microsoft have at last pulled their rabbit from the hat with NAV 2013, which has been released to market with rave reviews.  It would certainly seem to be a fabulous time to be a NAV Sales Person! NAV has always … Continued

AX 2012 R2

December 1st 2012 is D-day for the latest version of AX. There is hope that the R2 version will have the bugs fixed and be inherently more stable than the current version. Among the additional benefits is that R2 will offer localisation for 36 countries, including Brazil, Russia, India, China and many Eastern European Countries. … Continued