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Why You Should Visit the New London Microsoft Store

27 October 2019
Written by
Helayna Lowe

Microsoft has never had a physical presence in the UK…. Until now. The new store opened to the general public on July 11 and as Microsoft enthusiasts, there’s plenty to celebrate. Here are some reasons it’s worth a visit to busy central London. 

1. Part of a global community 

The UK has finally joined the rest of the world with its own flagship that rivals the best of the best from across the globe, including flagships in New York and Sydney, and stores across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, and online stores in more than 190 countries. 

2. Amazing location and size

The store will be situated on Oxford Circus, making it extremely easy to access. Covering a total of 21,932 square feet over three floors, this new retail experience is one that will please Microsoft’s most avid fans. 

3. Amazing features

You could argue that Microsoft’s pivot over the last decade, and particularly the last handful of years, towards a SaaS company could make it difficult for the company to fill shelves with product. However, today’s customers expect more than shelves full of merchandise, and this flagship rises to the challenge of creating something more experiential. 

Features include a community theatre, a space for tech, coding and STEM learning, which will run all year round offering workshops and programs for customers. There’s also a gaming lounge where customers can play the latest software and try out the latest gear. Customers can also try Microsoft Surface, HoloLens and latest versions of Windows running Microsoft apps. 

4. Live FAQ 

In addition to all of the above, Microsoft will run a dedicated Answer Desk, offering a dedicated area for customers to get tech support, training, repairs and advice from trusted advisors on Microsoft products and services, no matter where the device was purchased, the brand or operating system.

5. Building a community hub

As with all Microsoft’s flagships, the ambition for this new store is to create a community hub. Designed to build connections with the local community, customers and businesses, this store represents a unique way to deliver the business’s mission to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more.

If you would like to visit the Microsoft store with a member of our team, please get in touch with us on +44 (0)1483 233 000. 

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