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Why Use Recruitment Agencies?

16 December 2013
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Finding the right person to fit a specific role, career course, company identity, location and to have the required skills for the job in question is time consuming and can be very frustrating.


A good recruitment agency should aim

· To fully understand their clients, the technology and the ‘type’ of person they like to recruit.

· To fully understand the skills, career aspirations and type of role and company that our candidates are looking for.

· To send one candidate’s CV, for that candidate to be offered an interview and ideally be the perfect candidate for the role and for it to be the perfect role for the candidate.


Why employers use recruitment agencies?

Employers recruit to build their team, to solve a problem, to make their company more profitable or more efficient. Recruitment agencies offer an efficient way to do this in terms of time and money. Agencies have access to extensive internet advertising, networking and have expertise in headhunting. The processes should be far more efficient as recruitment consultants are expert at perusing CVs and filtering suitable candidates.

Further advantages that specialist agencies offer include

· An  understanding of  the employers’ business

· Specialist agencies are constantly advertising in the market

· Specialist agencies  have candidates that are not actively looking but waiting to be told of the right opportunity

· Specialist agencies will have a greater knowledge of candidates who are available, salaries and of specific market conditions.


Good recruitment agencies should offer a fantastic service to candidates.

At Conspicuous we aim to do the very best by our candidates and in the same way we understand our clients and the type of person they recruit so we need to fully understand our candidates. Good recruitment agents need to take the time to recognise skills and career aspirations.

For candidates the advantage of a specialist agency is that we can immediately know which client we believe you may be suitable for. We can offer a much wider variety of role, either in end-users or reseller environments. We offer knowledge on the market in terms of latest news and latest rumours on both the technology, career paths and an insight into the differing clients.

For candidates the services of recruitment agents should be free.

Conspicuous are Dynamics recruitment specialists and have been placing Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM professionals since 2000.

We see ourselves as much more than a recruitment agency offering intelligent insight and advice.

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