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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Is Everything You Need for Project Management

1 July 2018
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When your business gets past a certain stage, it is more than likely that you are going to need to employ a project management tool. Here, we explain why Microsoft Dynamics 365 contains everything you need to run smooth projects and keep your team on track.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

Microsoft’s enterprise solutions are currently going through a period of transformation in an effort to keep up with the needs of individuals, teams and businesses around the world. Most recently, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s original enterprise resource planning solution for SMEs has been given a makeover, becoming Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. According to Alysa Taylor, Microsoft general manager for Business Apps & Strategy, this is “a module-based ERP solution based on the existing Dynamics NAV product, but in the cloud”. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has become the banner solution for any Microsoft CRM or ERP technology, and is aimed at individuals and businesses that are looking to accelerate their digital transformation. Powered by data and intelligence, Dynamics 365 helps capture new business opportunities, track resources and even integrates with your other Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for project management

Going back even just a couple of years, there was very much a “more is better” approach when it came to technology. This was especially true with project management tools. However, more and more, we just want our technology to be streamlined in terms of look and features. While it is true that some businesses need more fully featured project management tools than others, most services organisations just need to manage their projects against budgets—and that’s it. This means the key aspects that require tracking are:
  • Total project budget
  • Billable hours vs. budget
  • Project tasks
  • Assigned team members
  • Time spent on project
As you can see, tracking this information really doesn’t need anything complicated. Crowe Project Management, for example, is an excellent add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that offers an end-to-end, easy-to-use project management solution that features all of the above. A free trial can be found on the Microsoft App store, here. The tool provides the following:
  • Workflow automation of routine project task assignments, alerts, and status changes
  • Associated relationships of project tasks against milestones for better resource and scope visibility
  • Real-time project dashboards showing actual versus estimated time and costs
  • End-to-end project management for any professional services firm
  • Accurate timekeeping at the resource, project, milestone, and project task levels
  • Project templates allowing for quick and easy project setup and consistency across each project
All in one Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect solution for SMEs who are looking to incorporate a project management solution into their workflow. By either employing a Microsoft Dynamics professional, or by working with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner who can create a tailored solution that is right for the needs of your business, you could produce a solution that not only offers you a project management tool but something that covers and integrates with all of your productivity requirements. Not only that, but the whole thing will be powered by Azure cloud technology, so you can work, collaborate and project manage from anywhere, at any time. At Conspicuous, our team is well-versed in helping SMEs to get the right Microsoft Dynamics solution. Please get in touch with our UK and US-based consultants if you are thinking about getting started with your project management journey today.

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