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Why Inflexibility Is Bad Business Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Recruitment

13 February 2019
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When you are leading the staffing process for your next Microsoft Dynamics 365 project, finding the right resource can be a real challenge. Whether you’re implementing a fully new system and starting from scratch, or you’re updating an existing system that’s a bit of a relic, executing a Dynamics 365 project is never a simple of straightforward task. 

At Conspicuous, we see a lot of internal teams manage their Dynamics recruitment process well, but one of the key areas where the process can often fall apart is when it comes to decision makers being flexible. 

What’s so special about flexibility?

A really common mistake that we see time and again is setting the parameters of the job specification too rigid. This means that the quality of the resource attracted to your role will be limited. If you’re working alongside a team member at Conspicuous, we would help you to ensure that—given an appropriate budget—you set more open parameters to ensure that the quality of the resource that your attract is of a high standard. 

One of the main reasons this can be a helpful approach is that while the skills for Microsoft Dynamics 365 recruitment  are highly technical and specific, it’s also the case that a single Dynamics resource will have a number of professional competencies and experiences that could make them useful.

Therefore, a good approach is to take each Dynamics professional on their own merit and experiences, rather than sticking to a rigid hypothetical profile. 

Furthermore, if your business is not based in one of the larger, key metropolitan hubs, recruiting the top resource is always going to be more of a challenge than if you’re a business that is based somewhere with a substantial Dynamics 365 resource catchment. Ultimately, you don’t have any control over this unless you’re willing to relocate your entire business to New York or have a remote workforce. 

The same logic works for budget, too. It might sound obvious, but if the remuneration is attractive, there is a higher opportunity to find someone to relocate into the area for the opportunity.

Work with a Dynamics recruitment professional

Conspicuous are a world-leading, specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 recruitment consultancy with over a decade of experience helping teams and organizations find the right Dynamics resource for their next project. If you would like some advice from a member of our US or UK focused teams, please get in touch here—we’d love to help.

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