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UK Gets Native Dynamics 365: Is Now the Time to Make the Leap?

24 May 2017
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Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s popular cloud business management CRM and ERP system has now been introduced to data centres across the UK. The news is significant for those UK businesses looking to increase their productivity and speed up their digital transformations.

On UK shores

Microsoft has announced that it has finally brought Dynamics 365 to its data centres throughout the UK. This brings the tech into line with the corporation’s other productivity-focused services such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure in Microsoft’s UK cloud solution. With this move, Microsoft has opened their flagship digital transformation suite of applications to the full UK market, all thanks to Azure cloud. Microsoft has also just announced that they have over 500 million copies of Windows 10 running on devices, so when you combine these two pieces of news, it appears clear that Microsoft is building a strong future-proof platform to assist individuals, teams and organisations launch their digital transformations.

High adoption rates

Some UK businesses have already made the switch to Dynamics 365: Sussex University Hospital and the Renault Sport team for Formula One are already onboard. Metro Bank are using the customer service portion of the tool, and Renault are using it to analyse and access data generated by cars during various race events helping them to improve performance. At NFU Mutual, which has over 900,000 members, Dynamics is used to maintain high levels of customer service. Dion Kalimeris, Channels and CRM Business Expert said:
“It’s important we improve our customers’ access to our products through developing the ways in which they can contact us. The new CRM system will make it easier and faster to access customer data and will help us enhance our customer relationships and streamline our business processes. Microsoft will enable us to offer an enriched customer experience.”
With Microsoft having already introduced the new LinkedIn sales integration with Dynamics 365, there are now more reasons for UK businesses to more their digital operations to Dynamics 365. According to Chris Rothwell, Dynamics Lead at Microsoft UK on the Microsoft blog:
“Since the launch of Dynamics 365, we have enabled thousands of organisations to digitally transform, moving from rigid and disconnected business infrastructures to modern, intelligent services that connect silos of data to help make better, faster decisions and deliver greater customer experiences.”
While Dynamics 365 has been available globally for months, now marks the first time that those in the UK will be able to access its services from UK servers. This nativism will have significant performance implications for businesses across the UK. Microsoft have already announced that they will be revealing more services that tie in with Dynamics to offer their customers better flexibility, more information and clearer visibility on resources. For the British market, we expect that these changes are going to have a big impact. If you’d like to learn more about the current happenings in the Dynamics industry in the UK and USA, read our blog: Talking Dynamics. If you’d like to speak with a consultant about finding your next step in your career, contact us on +44 (0)1483 233 000 for our UK team, or +1 646 202 1761 for our US team.

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