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Tips for a successful Microsoft Dynamics AX project manager

15 May 2015
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As an industry, Microsoft Dynamics is extremely collaborative. From the developers building solutions for end users to the consultants and recruiters playing their vital support roles, no task is completed in isolation. Collaboration is vital, particularly in large enterprises and organisations. With this comes an increasing need for decisive, careful project management. So, here are some key tips to being the perfect Dynamics AX project manager.
  1. The correct tools for the job
Dynamics AX actually has a project management system in-built, helping project managers deliver their team’s work efficiently. ‘Project management and accounting’ enables Dynamics AX project managers get a clear view of their operation by creating:
  • Parameters
  • Project groups
  • Timesheet entry parameters
  • Approval workflow
  • Validation requirements
  • Cost or sales prices
  • Project categories
  • Shared categories
This system fits neatly alongside Microsoft’s Sure Step Methodology for Microsoft Dynamics, which provides a clear framework for how to deliver a project implementation – from diagnostic through to full implementation.
  1. Create an agile workflow
Just like Microsoft itself, Microsoft Dynamics project managers need to be responsive. While Microsoft has undergone a full re-organisation to help themselves respond more adaptively to the fast-moving nature of the market, those implementing Dynamics AX solutions are following suite. AX project managers usually work in large organisations and corporations delivering efficiency to multi-tier operations. Therefore, ensure you’re minimising bureaucracy and top-down organisation. Allow your project’s structure to move with its needs. This is particularly important when your organisation is large.
  1. Accountability
Large development teams include people with a variety of specialisations. This means that as an AX project manager, you will need to understand all the roles each of your team members play in terms of the AX modules they are responsible for. Examination passes and accreditation in Dynamics AX subjects and Microsoft technologies will help with this. This will help you to manage them better, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to introduce resource when it’s needed. It also makes you accountable to your team because if a problem emerges, you should be in a position to fix it.
  1. Communication and translation
One of the key responsibilities of a Dynamics AX project manager will be translating the desires of your organisation’s managers into technical actions. This means first drilling down to the core pillars of what your organisation needs from its AX project, and then translating them into the functionality and AX modules your technical team can understand.
  1. Goals and tracking
The successful management of any project – but particularly those in large companies – relies heavily on the setting, tracking and reviewing of goals. This works best when you have a strong project management strategy in place. One of the best is the agile software development methodology known as the ‘scrum’. The aim of the scrum is to set a goal for the team to achieve in a given time period, for the work to then be completed in the allocated time frame, and then there is a project review where each team member of the scrum is asked about what went well and what could be improved. The team then moves on to the next project. Through methods like the scrum, large organisations that require AX implementations can move steadily through the project, helping the project manager to have a clear view at all times. If you’re looking to bring more Dynamics professionals into your team, view the latest Dynamics roles on our site, or… Give us a call on +44(0)1483 233 000.  

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