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Three Big Dynamics Retail Implementations

14 October 2015
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Everyone needs a bit of inspiration from time to time and those in Microsoft Dynamics developer jobs are no exception. To get those creative, problem-solving juices flowing, we’ve collected three inspirational stories of a company using Microsoft Dynamics to develop a solution for their retail needs. Read on for a fresh insight into the versatility of Microsoft Dynamics’ retail tools.   Australian Pork Limited APL had a problem that will be familiar to many businesses. After a period of growth, communication and knowledge-sharing processes they had been relying on in a team of 10 were no longer efficient in a team of 30. They turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partners Hands-On Systems. Hands-On used MS CRM to create a web portal using allowing ALP staff to store and easily access key industry information. Further, Dynamics CRM’s interface proved so intuitive to use, they saved time and money because they simply didn’t have to train people to use it! Now that’s good developing. Read the full story here.   Spend-Less Shoes Spend-less Shoes had a few objectives: unify their merchandise and accounts systems, give buyers better stockroom data and adapt to fast-changing customer habits. Their CFO said he chose to use Dynamics AX 2012 because “it gives us one, fully integrated end-to-end retail system which manages every aspect of retail operations. This eliminated manual data transfers from one system to another – a great bonus of AX 2012. It also allows analytic tools to be applied to a much wider range of data, since it is all pooled on the same system. This results in much greater analytic power to inform decision making such as pricing and buying retail stock. Remarkably, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 was developed to redistribute stock along customer-centric lines. This means that customers who visited their local stores became more likely to find the styles and sizes they were suited to. Find out just how Spend-less Shoes did this here.   Inter Cars SA This Warsaw spare automotive parts distributor wanted to offer their customers a more personalised service so they could maintain a good relationship with the repair shops they ship their parts to. One way to do this was to ensure that when contacting shops about orders, salespeople could instantly see the details of previous sales made to that customer, as well as details of the seller – their specialities, business plans etc. As big company with so many contacts, without a good way of storing and accessing basic information such as the names of managers and their opening times, Inter Cars could kiss their dreams of better customer relations goodbye! They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as their solution for its data centralisation features. Automatic consolidation of data lead to fewer errors, more complete company profiles and better customer care. Find out the juicy tech details here.   If you are looking for a Microsoft Dynamics developer jobs, you’ll find dozens in our jobs listings. Find your dream job right now!

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