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This is the Real Future of Dynamics Contract Recruitment!

2 July 2014
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There has been some press about the future of Dynamics contract recruitment. Should recruiters offer the client the ability to search for available resource as and when they require it, using a specific client portal? The issue is two-fold:
  • Firstly, the ability to source the right person to do the role, a person who is both available and capable.
  • Secondly, the costs involved. 

Finding Dynamics professionals

In response to the first point, as Dynamics specialists we know where the good people are currently working, when they are available and their individual strengths and weakness. We can offer employers impartial advice and, in general, solve their problems quicker and more effectively than they can by their own means.

Finding cost effective Dynamics talent

Tackling the second point, traditionally recruitment agencies demand high recruitment fees and push contractor day rates down in order to increase their day rates. We believe in transparency between the employer and contractor and we're happy, if it suits, for the contractor to invoice the client directly. Furthermore, we offer low rates and at present we are running a promotion

Employer’s agency fee is capped at £50 per contractor per day (Contractor fees are ranging up to £650 per day and at this rate an agency fee of only 8%).

The future of Dynamics Contract Recruitment is already here:
  • A cost effective agency where both the clients and the contractors are both aware and happy with the agency fee.
  • A cost effective agency who delivers resource to clients and delivers career contract opportunities to contractors.
  • A cost effective agency who believes that if our clients grow on the back of the resource we find, it will be a good news story for 
For further information or references from clients and contractors please email: or call: 01483 233 000

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