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The questions you’d be mad not to ask in your Dynamics job interview

25 June 2015
Written by
Helayna Lowe
Our consultants spend the vast majority of their time locating the best talent for our clients. The job interview is one of the many challenges candidates face during their hiring process, with questions being thrown their way to gauge their suitability. But you should always remember that the interviewer-interviewee relationship isn’t 100% anti-symmetric. There are a number of questions that you’d be mad not to ask your interviewer at your Dynamics job interview. Here is a selection of the most important. 1. What do you love about Microsoft Dynamics? Ask an icebreaker, create a connection with the interviewer, and discover something important about your future company in a single question. If you’re interviewing for a role at an end-user, it would be interesting to know why they chose to go with Microsoft Dynamics, as opposed to another CRM or ERP solution. What makes Dynamics CRM, NAV, GP or AX meet their business’s criteria. This will also help to guide your answers to questions posed to you like “why did you decide to specialise in Microsoft CRM or ERP development?” 2. Why has the role become available? Once you’ve established a rapport, you can ask why the role you’re interviewing for is necessary. If the end-user is scaling up their existing development team, this is a good sign for the future and longevity of the company. Similarly, if they are only just moving into Dynamics development, it could mean you will play more of a senior, leading role in the team. 3. If freelance, what’s the project duration? You probably already know whether the project you’re going to be working on is a freelance or permanent role. If it is freelance, you need to ask the interviewer what the estimated project duration will be, and if there’s scope for contract extensions – should things go well. This is particularly vital if you would need to relocate for work, which might not be financially or logistically wise if you’re only on a 3-month contract. 4. What training is available at the company? One of the largest issues in Dynamics at the moment is training. With Microsoft changing the way they offer training to cloud-based learning – and away from Gold certification – it’s essential that any company you are going to work for offers plenty of training resources, and the time for you to complete it. The Microsoft Dynamics industry moves extremely quickly, with Microsoft pushing relentless updates to CRM, NAV and AX. This means Dynamics developers need to keep abreast of the changes happening in their industry, whether it’s the push for mobile-first development, or simply the features being implemented to streamline a particular product, Dynamics professionals need the resources and time to help them grow. 5. What’s the career progression like from this role? If you’re applying for a permanent Dynamics role, career progression is vital. If you’re interviewing for a large company, there might be plenty of scope to progress, moving either vertically into a leadership role, or horisontally into a different kind of development role. If you’re starting at a young, small company, you might be able to grow with it as it develops, which is exciting. 6. What do you love about this company? Finally, if you want to end your interview with something memorable, ask your interviewer why it is that they like their company. This might seem like an inappropriate question, but this should provide you with insight into culture and atmosphere of the team you might potentially become part of. To be productive in your new role, you need to fit in well with your new colleagues, so any details you can glean before you start, the better. If you’re a Dynamics professional, join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to discover what questions likeminded people in the Dynamics industry are asking their interviewers. If you’re a candidate looking for that next role, upload your CV today. Give one of our expert consultants a call today on +44(0)1483 233000 or +1 646 878 6426 for advice on the UK and US Dynamics market.

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