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The Best Reasons to Start Your Microsoft Dynamics Job Hunt in the New Year

17 January 2019
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It’s very easy to let the new year ring in and go by without making any changes in your professional life, but in the world of Microsoft Dynamics, those who make changes are those that get ahead. We’re always on the look out for new Dynamics resource to improve the fortunes of our clients’ project goals, so if you feel stuck in a rut, make the ringing in of 2019 an excuse to make a change. 

If you need a little bit of inspiration to get you on your path to that great new job, here are some of the best reasons to get your Microsoft Dynamics job hunt started in the new year. 

Time to be discrete 

Each New Year begins with an amount of vacation days, if you’re full-time employed, and if you’re freelance, hopefully you booked off a little bit of time around the new year to make the most of the holiday period. While you want to take some of that time to relax, you could also use a portion of it to scout out the best agencies for your sector. At Conspicuous, we’ve been helping Dynamics professionals for over a decade now, so if you want to arrange a call for a quiet time before you need to go back to work, get in touch.  

Quiet before the work storm

Once you’re back to work, you could be lucky, and have a period of quiet before projects start to kick in and you get swept up and fully committed to your current task. If you’re really thinking about making a change to your current work situation, use this time to really get ahead. Do any forward planning you can, but make sure you’re discrete. Here’s a great guide to search for a role while you’re already employed


With another new year comes another series of budget negotiations. This means that key decision-makers in organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics will be getting ready to find that all-so-crucial new resource for their projects. That means that you have a great window of opportunity to get your profile out there and demonstrate your value to them. Make sure your resume is picture perfect.

Movers and shakers

January can sometimes be a busy period of the year for recruitment so you’ll be joining a large group of others who have made the smart decision to look for their next Microsoft Dynamics role. While this might sound like a negative (more competition for roles), it can actually be a benefit because people in your network who have already found roles will also be looking to bring new resource along with them to fill new positions, and this puts you in good stead. 

So if you’re looking to make a change in the new year, speak with our US and UK teams about how we can make it happen, and get your Microsoft Dynamics job hunt started. Whether you are looking for work in London, Swindon, New York or Chicago Conspicuous can help.

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