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Should you be scared of the new immigration laws?

17 July 2015
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In 2012, the UK Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans that from April 2016, non-EU immigrants earning less than £35,000 would be forced to return back to their home countries according to new immigration laws. So what will be the implications for those with – or looking for – Microsoft Dynamics jobs? Policy confusion Many suggest that the changes in the existing immigration law will benefit native UK workers as there will be more jobs in the overall pool for them to fill. However, this report from the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills states that only 13% of new jobs in 2014 were filled by foreign nationals. In addition, the Centre for Entrepreneurship’s report on migrant entrepreneurs suggests that 14% of new companies in the UK have been started by migrants. According to them, then, an immigrant entrepreneur starts one of seven SMEs in the UK. Regardless of which side of the debate you stand on, it’s clear that the new laws will have an impact on the UK jobs market, and the Microsoft Dynamics arena is no different. A highly skilled global workforce Dynamics is a global industry. At Conspicuous, we have clients and candidates across the world. Clients that demand solutions require resource that is highly talented, qualified and experienced – regardless of their nationality. While this might be a problem for those in low-paying industries, Dynamics professionals are well-paid. The good news for non-EU nationals looking for Dynamics jobs here in the UK is that a high proportion of those roles are high-pay, high-skill. Therefore, it’s likely that you will be able to remain here in the UK thanks to your choice of profession. Safety in Dynamics While the Dynamics arena is naturally competitive, professionals in Microsoft Dynamics jobs are lucky. Not only are they well paid, but they are competing for jobs in an industry where demand is growing rapidly due to a number of factors. The proliferation of Dynamics AX, CRM and NAV in sectors like healthcare, manufacturing or public justice have thrived thanks to recent innovations like the Internet of Things, Azure and other interfacing technologies. With the foreseeable growth of these technologies, it’s more than likely that the requirement for Dynamics resource will grow, too. Therefore, Dynamics job security looks set to remain strong for non-EU migrants. If you’re a Dynamics professional, join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to discuss the changes with fellow Dynamics experts. For the latest Dynamics jobs, visit our site, or… Give us a call on +44(0)1483 233 000.

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